Saturday, 24 May 2008

farlap photography: uplifting day

farlap photography: uplifting day

uplifting day

Well what an uplifting day was spent at Gables Farm Charity Show........hundreds of well adjusted pet dogs just having a day out with their owners and families. Everyone took the judging in the spirit it was intended....just a bit of fun....the dogs all loved it and best of all, so many of them were ex-clients of this deserving dogs and cats home.
Its so nice to have a day out in great weather, with much loved worrying about CCs, judging politics or whose handling what dog!!!
Want to see some pix? Just go to to see some great dogs!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

getting about!

We have been out and about this week.........shooting for calendars in 3 countries!!
However a little closer to home, we were covering todays bombing in Exeter.....who said life was dull!
Are there any experienced computer operators with editing skills out there?
Desperately need another assistant (mainly printing) for some of our bigger events in May and June, mostly in Devon and in the evenings. Please email if you are interested.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

photographers and their kit!

It always amuses me how people seem to think that by having the latest, biggest, heaviest, fastest, most expensive etc equipment, its going to transform them into a better photographer! A colleague was telling me today about an forum where they were constantly going on about how their latest gear was going to make them the bees knees!
I saw on one website, someone saying that only amateurs still use film or have their work printed in a lab!!! Wow what ignorance!
I use a combination of film and digital, large, medium format and depends entirely on the job requirements. Likewise I use inkjet for proofing and a pro lab for hand printing professional prints. Being versatile and offering quality of service and product is the main important issue here...not whether my lense weighs a lot or is bigger than someone elses.
Another pro colleague of mine was discussing websites yesterday and we both agreed that the amatuer snappers could be distinguished by their constant harking on about their latest equipment, whereas most pros accept the gear as "tools of the trade" and just quietly get on with using it in a pro manner rather than shouting about how much it all costs!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

sunny day

what a lovley sunny day to be out in the Sunshine on the beautiful Boconnoc Estate in Cornwall photographing an Endurance horse event. Great to see so many friends having a good day and all the proofs are now on line.
Although photographing Endurance is quite tiring, it was still a gentle relief after 3 rather damp, but very busy days at Devon County Showground, where I was covering the dog section as usual, as well as trying to keep tabs on my team who were also covering the other livestock classes.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Well I really have seen and heard it all today!!! The poaching situation gets worse all the time, but the new lows some folk will sink to to try to get themselves a few quid is quite unbelievable! If they are not trying to copy your business model and website design, then they are trying to steal your clients in a backhanded and dishonest manner.....well today the truth finally came out!
We have now decided to take action against the "poachers" rather than simply ignore them, as the situation has now become quite intolerable. You have been warned!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Monday, 5 May 2008

Some news just in:- Im glad to be associated with "send a cow - livestock for life" and hope to be able to promote their worthy cause with my work. Please visit their website which is if you want to know more.
Another varied week with everything from hovawarts to carp fishing!!
Not to mention the magazine shoot for the Australian Shepherds and the fabulous Mastiff "lil" who spent most of the shoot on her back....should have been called "lilo lil"!
Thanks to everyone who rang to check up on me after I was ill at the show on saturday.....feeling marginally better now and trying to take it easy for a day or two.