Wednesday, 21 May 2008

photographers and their kit!

It always amuses me how people seem to think that by having the latest, biggest, heaviest, fastest, most expensive etc equipment, its going to transform them into a better photographer! A colleague was telling me today about an forum where they were constantly going on about how their latest gear was going to make them the bees knees!
I saw on one website, someone saying that only amateurs still use film or have their work printed in a lab!!! Wow what ignorance!
I use a combination of film and digital, large, medium format and depends entirely on the job requirements. Likewise I use inkjet for proofing and a pro lab for hand printing professional prints. Being versatile and offering quality of service and product is the main important issue here...not whether my lense weighs a lot or is bigger than someone elses.
Another pro colleague of mine was discussing websites yesterday and we both agreed that the amatuer snappers could be distinguished by their constant harking on about their latest equipment, whereas most pros accept the gear as "tools of the trade" and just quietly get on with using it in a pro manner rather than shouting about how much it all costs!!

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