Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Have you seen this deerhound? Hes missing

Logan is 3.5 years old an entire male
brindle with a white bib and 4 white feet
he has a kink in the end of his tail
he's very freindly
he's microchipped
He went missing from garden on sat morning approx 8.30am
on the 31st may 2008
clyst hydon cullompton devon
we are offering a £500 reward
please call me any time on 07768 403 888

Monday, 9 June 2008

outer mongolian lesser spotted cattle monkey

If I were to tell you that next week Im off to photograph the "outer mongolian lesser spotted cattle monkey" you would probably think that was fairly unique. However Im willing to bet money....BIG MONEY!.... that within a week or two they would also appear on another website, not a million miles away.
I know I should have learned by now how ridiculously pathetic humans can be, especially those with no imagination but for goodness sake....enough is enough....get your own ideas and leave the professional stuff to the professionals!!!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

How a sandwich can be a life saver

OK maybe not a "life saver" but it sure helps!! Having spent 3 days camping at the Royal Bath & West show whilst covering it for the press, in the biggest thunder & lightening Ive seen in years, it wasnt long until my tent started filling up with water!! Luckily I had a sandwich wrapper to hand...one of those plastic triangles...and it made the perfect bailing out tool! 1 hour later and I was free of water and had raised the groundsheet enough....and dug a small moat....enough to keep my feet dry any way. It certainly made a run-of-the-mill job much more exciting!