Thursday, 28 August 2008


well after the mishap earlier in the week I am now completely flat on my back and unable to move without a lot of pain....those thoughtful boys brought the laptop to me so I could catch up on emails but not easy lieing down!!
Thanks to those who rang on Sunday night to see where I was......well the relevant correspondance has been forwarded to you now....and as you can see, its pretty self explanatory as to why I would not support that event! Howver a grand time was had by all the people who attended the gundog day and from the feedback I have been getting on the website, you all loved your piccies so it really was a winning weekend all round.
We have had a number of packages go missing in the post this last week or if your proofs still havent arrived from the shows then please email me and I will re send them.

Monday, 25 August 2008

no officer it wasnt was the ferret.....

A busy bank holiday weekend saw me as the OP (official photographer)at newton Abbot CS Open Dog show on Saturday......a Gundog Test on Sunday and the Tiverton Foxhounds Lurcher/Terrier Show on Monday.....never a dull moment at any of the 3 days.....culminating Monday with me buying a ferret at the lurcher show....OK I know that may seem a bit odd but we have quite a lot of ferrets and having lost 2 in recent months to old age, this beautiful little polecat jill kit was too charming to turn away, and the bloodlines are different to the rest of our working team, so hopefully she will be part of our breeding programme....anyway I digress.....she escaped from her travel box somwhere on the A30, in the back of my landrover so I had to pull onto the hard shoulder to recover her before she tried to make her way under the pedals........It took some explaining to the officer who to why I was on my hands and knees in the back of the landrover making little squeaking noises!!
she was happy to sit on top of my camera bag all the rest of the journey!
I hired a new Hasselblad (£20 grands worth!!!) for an editorial job last week...good job she didnt want to sit on that....dont think my nerves would have held out!

Friday, 22 August 2008

It was nice today to read the mention in the Staffy breed notes in Dog World...the LEADING AND BEST WEEKLY DOG PAPER, about John & Sally Wests "Jake" who appeared in one of the 2009 breed calenders I work for......I understand they have taken bulk delivery direct from the USA!!
At last the sun shone today and we have managed to finish all the DW annual pix and all the "Heart of Wales" images for publication next week.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Can you believe this weather??? One always assumes you will be fairly safe when you make bookings 6 months ahead for private sittings in August....but it appears not!!! Todays job was a very special one with a very special breeder and it was lucky that we managed to dodge the cloud bursts to get the pix in the bag!!!
Yesterday was a hunting comission and boy did I get soaked!! however it was all very satisfactory in the end.
Loads of people have rung me to ask my views on the much discussed pedigree dog tv documentary shown in the UK 2 days ago. Well it certainly was very well cut and edited.....and I am sure if the full cut was ever seen then it would have portrayed a very different image of ourKC.
I think heads will roll......and not only at the KC........i spotted the good colonel putting his welly in for all things pedigree......I wonder who thought it a good idea to employ him recently???

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Robert Plant

Was that really Robert Plant yesterday??? You would think he could afford to buy his woman a pair of quality wellies with all his money!!!

gone again

well the server capacity seems to have gone awol again....or at least thats what Chris our techno tells us!!! either way this blog is no longer clickable from the main website, only from our special events website, until Chris returns from leave....yes I do sometimes allow him a paid holiday!
Talking of special events....our team were all sweating away last night covering THAT event we have all been looking forward to.....usual problems of people with camera phones trying to get in front ....even one cheeky bu**er trying to move in on the main pix with a digi slr....but as our team were the only ones accredited for the whole event, we had no major probs and Md and his team were thrilled with the shots, which went international today. Once again a professional effort from our fully pro team. thanks guys....see you next week for the finals.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Heart of Wales Country fair was a great event......just be patient guys...the pix will be on line very very soon!! and who could imagine how fast those welsh boys can dig a hole when a pint of beer is in the offing?!
It was nice to also be able to pop over to WKC for the groups and say Hi to everyone.....hope your weary legs are resting now Alan! :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

busy busy

what a busy 10 days.....three days at Paignton championship dog show as the accredited OP and then another 3 days at Bournemouth.......the neck of some folk never ceases to amaze me....barging into the ring at a championship show without any permission...what on earth was all that about??? it was bad enough having the "work experience" girl trying to steal my shot over my shoulder at Paignton, but you would think that someone who claims to be a pro would know better wouldnt you! Apparently not!
Well a few days to recover and then its Welsh kennel Club and also the Heartof Wales Country Fair...two big events which will keep me very busy I am sure!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I have covered paignton championship show for several years now, as the Dog World photographer
and must congratulate them on their new showground, although I think it will be tested to its extreme in the forthcoming wet weather!!
I see the amateur wannabees are out and about again.....however im glad to also see that at least this time there is finally some hope that they will be taught manners and professional etiquette by those with a lot more knowledge of the industry....although why they think that bitching and maoaning will help their cause, i have no idea as they clearly dont realise there is a lot of history between many of us in the media and we do actually talk to each other!!!