Saturday, 27 September 2008

Back to normal

Im hoping my back is "back to normal" now. There are a very very busy few weeks coming up now with working trials next week (im judging and working at them!), then a comission in CZ for 5 days and closely followed by some shows that I am covering and then field trials.
On the news front, we won a very exciting photographic contract with one of the UKs leading charities recently and that should all be starting on October 1st, so watch this space.

I was recently asked if I could supply images to a publication for an advert on behalf of a client, where the publication actually owe me money going back many months. Despite several reminders and now a looming small claims court case, they still refuse to either acknowledge any statements or honour their debts. It goes to show that some publications really are not honourable or worthy of dealing with. Any of my clients wanting images for them in the future will be given all the facts of the case so they can then choose if this is the sort of company/paper they want to advertise with.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Thanks Graham

Not being able to get to SW Hound this weekend was a real nuisance, but my back injury is still too significant to be able to drive a distance or set up the studio and man it all fortunate in that Graham Glendinning, my Welsh colleague, was able to step into the breach and cover this, one of my favourite shows. Hope you had a good day Graham...and thanks again.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Stewie....hard work paid off.

Heard from Stewie today....seems he has finally hit the USA big time....fantastic to know that someone I took on as a work experiencer and then a trainee has finally made the big time. One of the great things about being a professional is helping other professionals. Never fails to amaze me how some weekend warriors want to be a pro yet they have no intention of going the pro route....assistant.....trainee....etc.......Well Stew we are all proud of you and once you get that website built we will be delighted to give you lots of publicity....we love pro's who have worked hard to get to the top on their own initiative...rather than those who just copy other people ideas and never have any initiative of their own.

pigs anyone?

I sometimes wonder if its me or them?! (dont answer that one!) The phone rang today....and a woman says "I am phoning about your Kune kune you have any left please?"
Now they are a lovely breed and its like noahs ark here....but....we dont actually own pigs!!! I explained politely to the lady that she had the wrong number and she rang off.
Two minutes rings....same conversation except this time the woman tells me that she cant have got the wrong number twice, and am I SURE that I dont have piglets for sale!?......Now I ask it me???