Thursday, 6 November 2008

calendar girls!

We had a great day doing calendar shots today. Over 2o dogs and their owners all gathered in South Devon for one of my infamous calendar shoot days....the weather was kind, the dogs were well behaved and everyone had a grand time. Amazingly we are shooting for the 2011 calendars now. If anyone out there is interested in their dogs appearing in a 2011 calendar please let me know. Almost all breeds and lurchers are needed, dogs dont have to be obedient or eshow pets are always welcomed, and our next shoot will be in the Plymouth area in the New Year.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Amazingly I have had two photo shoots cancelled this week because of the dreaded kennel Cough. just when you think its safe to venture case was a kennel in Plymstock with several dogs coughing, and another was in Tavistock with the whole lot coughing! It really is a damned nuisance and I would ask anyone with a coughing dog to please isolate it and not risk infecting the rest of the dog population.

Amalek English Toy Terrier Book

Although Farlap supply many images for books throughout the world, this is one that I feel I would like to publicise because Roy Wilson, a local breeder/exhibitor was ironically, the person that my very first dog came from over 30 years ago.
He has just written a book on English Toy Terriers, and I am delighted to have provided the image for the front cover. I hope its truly a best seller Roy. Anyone interested in buying a copy should visit

Monday, 3 November 2008


we are selling off three of our Nikon D1x bodies. Two have had studio usage only and are imaculate. One has been used for sports events so not so tidy but still in excellent condition overall. All three are Nikon serviced and Nikon sensor cleaned. All three are in excellent working order and cost over £5000 each at the time!! One of them has the Nikon buffer upgrade and some heavyduty grip added by Grays of Westiminster.
£500 each including charger, manual and spare battery with each body. These are the last three we have now so last chance!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

now for something a bit different.....

it was a different weekend! Saturday was Torquay DCS, and what a pleasant show it was. I was also pleased to pick up the new wheelcover printed for me by showscene design.....(see photo on the left) they made a great job of it thankyou Sue!
Sunday, in contrast to my usual fieldsports and canine photography, saw me photographing a white water rafting team practising for a forthcoming expedition!!! Now that takes some beating for a Sunday afternoon jaunt!