Tuesday, 23 December 2008

just one last post......

OK I know I said I wouldnt come into the office for a while, and was having a nice break, but just had to make one last post before Christmas. I heard today that dear old Frank Coneybeer had passed away. Frank was one of the real old school hacks and was one of the real talented and dedicated guys that both my father and I looked to in our press careers. He will be especially remembered for going everywhere on his push bike, but I mostly remember him as a writer for Somerset cricket club........ I used to be the photographer there, and he was the most terrific character. A sad loss to the profession and a true professional. Mind you theres not much "professionalism" left in the profession these days, with nationals using pix supplied by amateurs, and "weekend warriors" stealing our livelyhood. Still......at least there are some of us left and we had a great xmas party last night, discussing the credit crunch and how its affecting those of us who earn a living as photographers. Luckily I am part of a wonderful and friendly group of pro's, who will always pass on work to our friends, if we cannot accept a job. It really is the only way to try and salvage what is left of a rapidly declining industry. Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well the last few weeks have been so busy with everyones Christmas orders, plus pictures for Crufts catalogues and year books, but finally I have time to put a few words on the blog.
Thanks to everyone who returned their customer questionnaire this month, its certainly helped me plan some new ideas for next years events.
Finally may I wish all my clients and friends a very very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.