Thursday, 29 January 2009

its that time of year..........

Its the time of year for yearbooks and of course the build up to Crufts. At this time of year I get really busy putting together the ads and pix for all my dog clients, and so far this has been my favourite ad......It was designed around an advert I did 6 years ago, and which has now taken off as a popular style from what I gather.
Despite qualifying 9 of the hounds for Crufts this year, I have decided to have a year off from the Crufts show ring, and instead I will be found on the Skinners Dog Food stand, as their official photographer, as well as covering some of the gundog, hound and terrier judging for a number of fieldsports magazines on all four days. I have already made plans to meet up with many of my UK and overseas clients on these four days, but will be delighted to meet anyone who wants to come and see me on the stand.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

wet wet wet!

Will it ever stop raining here?
Thelast 2 trials I have worked at i have got saturated in the field......and sadly yesterday we had to cancel an important photoshoot in Plymouth due to the never ending rain......hoping it stays dry for a reschedule next week.
Its been another busy week, with 2 more cover shots published and 14 calendar shots for the nearly comleted 2010 calendar series.
Anyone interested in their dog becoming a "calender girl" (or boy!) please give me a shout, tell me your location and breed and Ill get back to you with the next shoot day for the area.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Books and magazines

This week has been so busy. A new encyclopaedia has just come out containing a large number of Farlap images, and we also have a 4 page spread in Shooting Gazette this month....oh and the front cover of CMW as well. In these quiet times its good to have images available to publishers and editors, and building up a reputaion with them is an essential part of the profession. I was horrified to read yesterday of a photographer in the USa who was working for peanuts, trying to start out in the people not realise they are dragging the whole photography industry into the mire if they sell them selves cheaply like that?? Mind its not as bad as one I heard of this week who was actually supplying images to a magazine for free!! That really is the pinnacle of industrial sabotage.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy new Year

Well its been a cold start to the New Year and I seem to have all outdoor jobs in the last week or so!
its really the busy time for shooting and trialling, so I have spent some great days at some of the finset UK locations, and with some great company.
With shooting nearly finished this season, I have a few frantic days left, and then I will have a few more days out with the hunts.
The credit crunch is on everyones minds right now, and I ws sad to get a message from a really great photographer who I have worked with on a number of occasions over nearly 20 years.....she has decided to pack it all up as she just cant earn a living from it any more. peta had done everything....weddings, Press, Commercial etc, and like me was really disapointed in the way digital came in and took over our profession. It has certainly been the cause of several other pros giving up. Like me, she agrees that the advent of digital has encouraged the "weekend warriors", and in turn these are undoutedly the scourge of a once highly professional industry.
Certainly the rest of us who actually have to earn a living from our work (rather than play at it at weekends) are having to slightly change our strategies, and when I was at a meeting of pro's just before Christmas, we all agreed this would be a very difficult year for us and our industry....whats left of it.
Stock imagery is on a downturn this year and one of the main companies I supply has cut back by 60% in the first quarter.
On a more positive note, I have now signed a contract with one of the UKs largest charities and more on that soon. It looks to be interesting.
On an unrelated note I had the weirdest thing happen at an event last week, when I was setting up my shot, and one of the dogs in the shot was being rather naughty so i was waiting patiently for the handler to calm it, when this woman came from no where, pushed into my shot and asked me to move out of HER way so she could take a photo!!!! Honestly I cant beleieve the nerve of some people and she got quite uptight when I ignored her! LOL