Wednesday, 25 February 2009

times are a changin'

its a sad state of affairs when some of our top world class photographers are having problems, and I guess a sign of the current times.
I adore Annie and hope that everything gets back on track for her soon.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

well done

I just knew Id have time to squeeze another post in before I left!
A quick congrats to Fion who sometimes works for me....her 1st photography book just published, wow what an achievement. im so proud of you.

can it get any busier?

This looks like the busiest week much more can I cram in???
The week started off busy with 2 small open shows and the Crufts deadline today for all the breed images, meant that the last few days have been sheer chaos here!
Hopefully my comission tomorrow with a local hunt will be a little more leisurely!?
In case I dont get a chance to post here again before Crufts, I want to wish all my clients who are both dog exhibitors and trade stand holders, the very best for a successful Crufts. many of you have already planned to come and visit me on the stand and Im looking forward to that, but if anyone else needs to get hold of me over the 5 day period, please use my mobile number.
I had an email today from a guy who is hoping to become a fieldsports photographer and asking me lots of questions about where, who, when etc. After a long conversation with another photographer friend, we came to the general conclusion that having been stabbed in the back by similar folk in the past, that we are no longer going to give out helpful info to these people. One minute they want your advice and the next minute they are stealing your jobs and clients. Infact why not just ask for the client list up front and cut out the small talk!
its a shame its come to this, especially when so many of my friends have been made thru the industry and are people i have trained with andworked with and shared jobs with. Sadly these new digital photographers (you can always tell them apart from the old timers like myself because they talk about taking hundreds and hundreds of pix on one small shoot) dont have a clue about the ethics of the business.
On a cheerier note, i had a lovely job last week, photographing at the hunt kennels and putting together a small montage for a lad who had walked a fox hound every year since he was 5 years old. happy birthday Gareth!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

common sense at last

At last there is a modicom of common sense in the industry news, with the closure of Scoopt. Those who earn a living from news photography are delighted to see this ridiculous attempt at cheapskate publishing, has turned up its toes!
Despite the plethora of microstock and "weekend warriors" out there, I have noticed a real increase in stock image sales. This month alone we have had images sold for a major new catalogue, 3 websites, 2 books, a greetings card company and an equine product advertising campaign. Someone once said in this industry you have to "diversify or die" and sometimes I think that can be true......although there is no danger of me doing wedding photography just yet!!!!
Although the UK economy is in dire straits right now, there are still people out there who want a pro to do a pro job.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

when is a photographer, not a photographer??

.........when they are a con maybe???
I was shocked today to hear from a friend, about a so called photographer who has set themselves up as weddings, events, pets, even photo holidays abroad.......but when you look at the website there are about 5 pix on the whole site, and the guy is clearly either a conman or a rank amateur without a portfolio, desperately trying to make a few quid out of the unsuspecting public.
Its a disgrace and people like that, although no threat to professionals, they just bring down the industries reputation and bang another nail in the coffin of a declining (rapidly!) industry. Shame on you.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

its just sno fun

Well the snow came and the snow went again! With it came cancelled photo sessions, a cancelled show, and a cancelled commercial shoot. however on the plus side it brought a very special snowy photoshoot for a special client, and a number of stock images that I have been waiting to do for months in the studio, finally got done.
Now the snow is thawing rapidly, and equally rapidly I am trying to play "catch up", and im travelling length and breadth of the country trying to get all the last pix done for the crufts guide, organise everything for the forthcoming working trials season, as well as starting on the next series of canine calendars. Amazingly we have over 70 canine models now on the books and so im starting to get dates together for the shootdays.