Tuesday, 31 March 2009

moor fun!

Ive been lucky in the lovely weather we are currently experiencing, to have 2 jobs up on Dartmoor, in one of my favourite locations. You cant beat it this time of year, and its the perfect spot with fantastic "light" for dog photography.
There has been a flurry of bookings this week for the forthcoming equine events, and once again we are delighted to be covering a number of EGB events up and down the country.

I was stunned at the weekend to be shown a "canvas" that someone had ordered from another photographer. The quality was, to put it politely.....DIRE!!! It had been printed in a basic fashion on cheap canvas, with just a wooden frame on the back, no stretchers or corner wedges......in a few months time it will have warped and need restretching........compare that to the luxurious professional canvas wraps that farlap offers......with 45mm hardwood stretchers, hand stretched with wedges to keep tension. The canvas is archive gallery quality, acid free, and the company that produces these marvellous wraps for us, manufactures fine art canvas for galleries and museums throughout the UK. Why people settle for cheap crap I really dont know.......when its looking out of shape and faded in a few months, they realise that a professionally made canvas is actually much better value than something knocked up by the local amateur printers!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The race is On

What a grand day at the races.......as the official Course photographer, I was blessed with a warm bright day and some excellent racing.
My photos from the races have been sold far and wide, with clients including the local pub, the local paper and Weatherbys!!!!
This week Im sending pix to a large USA health consortium, as well as doing a photoshoot for a leading gundog kennel and a fly instructor, and last week I was photographing cattle for a client, so once again, variety is the order of the day!
I see at least one "poacher" has had their knuckles wrapped for working illegally at an event.......about time too....these people dont pay any pitch fee or PLI, yet they try to reap the same rewards as those who rely on it for their living. Its grossly unfair, grossly unprofessional, and, it wont be tolerated. If anyone is interested in the pro photographer meeting in April, I hear its to be held in Truro and will be representing all pros in Devon/Cornwall. I have more info if you are a protog, and you want it. poachers and weekend warriors neednt apply!

Friday, 20 March 2009

"Calender girls" at the ready!

We have just decided on the date for our next calender shoot. it will be in Okehampton on Friday April 3rd. We want to photograph almost all breeds of dogs, and it doesnt matter if they are pets or show dogs or working dogs...... and no special skills are required....just let me know you are coming and then turn up and have some fun! For more details, times etc email me on sam@farlap.co.uk and keep fingers and paws crossed for some nice weather.

Too Hot for Hounds!

A photoshoot with some foxhounds today, but it was really too hot....never thought Id say that in march!!
Its been a mega busy week with private an editorial shoots, but all bar one have been here at our lovely home in the country, so no hardship!
Its a horsey weekend, with Farlap being the official photographer and also race sponsor at Lamerton Point to Point. We will have the full team on board for that job, and Im lucky to have such a good team of photographers at my disposal.
Heard some strange tales from event secretaries, about "weekend warriors" trying to nick my pitch in places I have been OP for many years. Its about what I would expect from these people but even so, how pathetic.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

quick turnaround

Well its a quick turnaround from Heathrow and now its "hello Crufts" Im there working as part of the official Accredited Media Team, and Im also the official photographer on the Skinners Dog Food Stand, as well as on "standby" as a translator in the KC overseas visitors lounge.....so looks like a very busy Crufts. Good luck to all my clients who are competing there this year and please come and see me at the stand if you get 5 minutes and want a rest from all the hurly burley?!