Saturday, 30 May 2009

Come rain or shine

Despite the steady rain all day on the 1st day of Royal Bath and West, overall it was a good show, with lovely weather on the 2nd and 3rd days.
Heres my favourite pic from the dog show.
Having all but shared my tent with about 40 alpacas on the 2nd and third nights at the show, I can vouch for the fact that they really do "hum".....all night they muttered and hummed, until at 5am I had to get up and go for a bike ride to get the noise out of my head!
Im hoping they wont be quite so close to the dog section next year!!
I think its safe to say that a proportion of the General Public shouldnt really be allowed out on their own, and I couldnt believe some of the stupidity I witnessed over 3 days at the show....maybe the sun went to their heads, who knows, but they included a father who lifted his tiny tot toddler over the barriers and tried to sit it on an alpaca, and a woman who sat herself down on large stack of heston straw bales outside the tent, and promptly lit a cigarette.

It look like I have a couple of new shows to fit into my busy schedule, as I was approached by 2 people whilst at Taunton CS and asked if Icould attend their forthcoming of them telling me they were not happy with the photography they had at their last show.

While I was away someone brought over some newspapers for the puppys at home to pee on, and amongst them were some old "our dogs" (probably their most useful purpose!)....I see they now have their very own "hancocks half hour" writing for them and spouting his anti pedigree diatribe. Times must be bad if thats the state you are at!

With one day to turn around 900 photos, and then another big show tomorrow (Sunday), Im not getting a chance to catch up with orders for a day or two.... I have another big charity running event on tuesday and then things will be quieter for a couple of weeks and all the printing will get caught up with. Hopefully everyone will be patient with me at this busy time.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Run Run Run

All I have done this week is run run run!
3 days at Devon County show, covering the dog section for Dog World, and also 2 private clients in the horse section, plus another in the cattle rings, meant that I was running from one end of the ground to the other. Sunday was "run to the sun", which I delegated to one of the new photographers we have just taken on, and she did a grand job.

Yesterday was East Devon Hunt show, and it was a busy show for me, and with lovely weather we were very lucky.

Today its Royal bath and West, where again I have several days covering dogs for DW and alot of private clients in both sheep, alpaca and cattle rings to keep my eye on. Id like to think I will get fitter with all this rushing about but I doubt it will happen.
Events over recent days have certainly been very amusing, watching people come to me for photos, despite the "behind my back" unpleasantness they are so quick to partake in.
I guess they realise if they want a decent photo then they really have no option!

We have taken on some part time photographers this summer as the jobs we are being asked to cover are taking far too much of my own time, and its time to delegate a bit.
We are still looking for one more canine experienced photographer, so if anyone is interested, I am interviewing in mid June. Please forward your CV. and portfolio of no less than 20 images, it will be part time on a SE basis, with a contract.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Get Canvassing

We have had some really super subjects for canvases this week, and such a nice variation of subjects, I thought Id take a quick piccy for the blog!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Of Mice and Men

How many people get to photograph prize winning mice and nearly naked men all in the same week I wonder?? Well heres my favourite mouse shot, but Im afraid the men have to stay covered up a bit longer, as their calender must be printed before the pix are revealed!!!
I spent the rest of the week getting rather wet, photographing trout fly fishing, stood for several hours a day in waders in a raging torrent and clinging onto my cameras for grim death! Ill be glad of a few days at Devon County Show to recover!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Out with a BANG!

A busy weekend went out with a bang....or rather several hundred bangs, at the Countryside Alliance Charity Clay shoot at Ugbrooke park.
In its 4th year, we are delighted to sponsor the teams, and recognise the importance of the CA. Not only does it help preserve our sporting heritage, but from a business point of view, without the CA and other similar organisations sticking up for fieldsports, then my business would have no clients as such a large part of my business revolves around fieldsports.
We were honoured to have sporting legends amongst us, and the weather was very kind.

Friday, 8 May 2009

spniels spaniels everywhere!

its been a week of Spaniels! We were the OP at a water event for spaniels, then we had a private comission with 5 spaniels and then it was a spaniel show....all in one week!
It was great to catch up with old photographer friend "Mr Cooke (Cookey) , who I havent seen since Bicton. What a nice surprise.
My earlier blog entry about the plonkers in their cars has drawn a huge mailbox from like minded folks who all seem to find them equally irritating!!! Think there could be a whole website devoted to it soon at this rate!