Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Horsin' around

The weekend was busy with the N. Team Show and then the prestigious Knowstone Horse Show hot on its heels. If there was an award for "horse the photographer would most like to take home" then this was him!
Having sold up all my horses earlier in the year, and now being "horseless" for the 1st time in years, its easy to look longingly at them.....knowing my stables are now so full of clobber and junk that there wouldnt be any room for one now!
Over the weekend a couple of things were pointed out to me, and they will need some careful looking at. Basically it appears that people are making illegal (and terribly poor quality!) scans of prints they have had from me, and then using them to form artwork on their cars and vans. Another case that has come to light includes someone who has had reprints made from the print she bought from me. Again, this will be dealt with shortly.
I cant decide if its Arrogance or Ignorance that makes people think they can steal or copy (well copying is stealing) images. Eitherway, I do not tolerate it!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

at last some time off!

Please note if you havent already booked Farlap for January 2010, (those dates will be honoured) I am not taking bookings for any further events during the period, as at long last Im getting a few days off!! Hurrah!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

F.f.f.f. ferrets sake!

I have just had a really interesting comission for a pet shop chain.......photographing small pets for their calenders. So far this one is my favourite....isnt she sweet!?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Computer operator/Assistant Needed

I need an assistant for an evening event on July 10th. Must be able to operate Photoshop (basic cropping) and a computer/printer, be prepared to work late in to the evening and be very good at speaking to and selling to customers on site. Please email me for more details.

Dont be shy its all for charity!

What a fun day we had yesterday in Staffordshire with the Calender girls!!
A brave group of lasses, who all share a common love of fieldsports, gathered in a field in Staffordshire for their charity calender shoot.
The funds raised are to be shared between www.bada-uk.org and Lurcher Link (helping rescued lurchers) and the photos are great fun, if maybe just a little bit naughty!
The funniest part of the day was when we went to the River Trent, to a supposedly private beat, on a quiet stretch of the river. Our model Faye had just stripped down to almost nothing and waded into the river, when we noticed this old fisherman on the far bank, almost falling into the water in his efforts to crane his neck and see round the reeds to see what was going on....I guess its not every day you find a nearly naked woman posing in the river when you are fishing!

Are you a fieldsport related or lurcher related business? if so, you cant afford to miss the opportunity of having an advert/sponsoring a month of this calender. its going to be BIG and its going to be out very soon.......if you want to be seen on this fundraiser (and every penny goes to charity) please email me ASAP.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Selfemployed photographer wanted

Are you an experienced equine photographer? Must be capable of working hard covering 2 rings, and understand exactly what the client wants, with a good knowledge of WH, In Hand and Show Jumping. I need a 3rd photographer for June 28th in Devon. Please email me on sam@farlap.co.uk if interested.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

busy weekend

What a hectic few days!! i was photographing for a client at Royal Cornwall.....who would have believed they now put glitter in the coats of black cattle? I have never seen so much makeup, colouring and preening.....and they thought dog showing was odd!! I also discovered the secret weapon for improving sheeps curls!
I was disapointed not to be able to make the invitation to cover Royal Cornwall for the dog section, but sadly by the time they had written to me to ask me, I had already taken up another job on the saturday elsewhere, and also was committed to cover a clients cattle/sheep on Thursday at the other end of the showground.
I know many folk were disapointed by this, not least of all MAC!!!! next time Mac, try phoning me on my mobile first to avoid disapointment!!
Having "fingers in many pies" is great as it means I see exhibitors in many different genres...be it dogs, cattle, poultry (yes I really do photograph poultry professionally!!)or in this weeks case.... posh sheep!
Some people really live in a closed isolated worlds where they imagine everything revolves around them and what they do. Fortunately having a wide net to cast in terms of the work I cover means that when a publisher calls me, I can usually turn around and offer the image from my vast library of over 50,000 images, without hesitation and without having to say "sorry i dont have that shot"
Poaching was rife at a show I attended recently.....what can one do? Fortunatley most secretaries are now aware of the problem.......it seems it happens in all types of exhibitions. As I pointed out to one recently.....if someone rolled up uninvited at their event giving out free or cut price sarnies and burgers, then they would have something to say about it....well same goes for photographers.
On a final note thanks to all my doggy clients who have rung or emailed to congratulate our kennel (Farlap Bloodhounds) on their double CC win at the breed club show......needless to say we are still celebrating!!