Saturday, 22 August 2009


This little chap was one of a series of cats and kittens we have just shot for an animal charity calender......cute or what?
This is a really busy weekend for us as today was a big canine event, the finals of the ASTA "weight pulls" and tomorrow is one of the biggest equine events in the west country....."Boconnoc".
Hopefully all those who have now registered for the "blog extra" are enjoying it (oh, and the prat who tried to register as anonymous.....dont be an idiot!!!), there will be lots more news included in the "extra" version, and now that we have worked out who visited the blog on august 5/8/10/11/12/13/14/16/17/18/20/23rd....up to 13 times a day (someone clearly has way way too much time on their hands!) most of our news updates and bulletins will be available only on the "blog extra" service. If you are a client/friend who enjoys the blog who hasnt had their IP number accepted yet, please drop me an email to be included and sent the link.

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