Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wet, Wet, Wetter!!

I finally managed to grab a few days off last week but any ideas of sunny days spent gardening and out with the hounds, went completely to pot as it rained non stop!
On the plus side we did get up to Hound Show in Stafford, where one of our hounds did very well, winning that all important 3rd CC.
One of the downsides of professional canine photography is that no one ever takes pix of you in the ring with your own dog! Luckily my dear friend and colleague, Carol Ann was on hand to get some lovely lovely shots, its always so nice to have something as a reminder, thanks Carolann.
Carol Ann was photographing the show for Dog World, and I had also been commissioned to get some shots for one of the hunting publications, of the pack hounds parade, but the rain was so heavy that the two of us ended up with rain dripping off our hats onto our cameras, giggling non stop and like a couple of drowned rats, it was really very funny. I managed to find a dog towel in the van but not so sure CA was so lucky!!
Work this week, took the form of Paignton Championship show, and despite 2 days of rain, it was one of the busiest shows Ive had, with so many commissions, and no where dry to go, it wasnt easy, but we managed.
I was talking with a colleague at the show about "image and representation"and I related the story of hows 4 years ago when someone came to me for a days work, after an online portfolio and a phone conversation, and when they arrived at the venue they had nose piercings and arm tattoos (in short sleeves), and jeans and trainers and I had to say "sorry but no thanks" as a) its not the image that a professional should be giving, and b) I dont want such poor turnout to be associated with my company. Thank good ness my three regulars are all well turned out and smart...... as well as being 1st class at what they do.
Anyway back to the job in hand.....paignton was 3 long days, with editing and wiring pix taking all evening, and then it didnt help that today we had no electric from 9am-4pm as nextdoors cows pushed the post over in the field! Luckily the mobile modem got the last of the pix off..... it was just like the old days with sending wires!.
Images will be made available after the paper is published, and all group winners have been emailed theirs.

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  1. do you remember when I turned up with a fake tattoo just to freak you out??!! Your face was a picture!