Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Out and about

I was about and about as the OP at three events this weekend, plus Becks also covered a horse show for me, so lots of editing back in the office this week.
My favourite pic of the weekend was this gorgeous GWP belonging to Jenny. So handsome!
This week also sees Farlap covering the last sea angling competition of the season.....Im expecting some spectacular fish lads....cant wait!
Ive been busy planning the next overseas trip, and can now offer comissioning/picture editors, the chance of images from the North of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. We have already arranged some boar hunting for a magazine, but there are many other opportunities to comission images from this region. Please email me to discuss your image requirements.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Im too busy for my blog, too busy for my blog, my blog!

what a week......if its not naked lasses and kittens, then its horses, hounds, terriers.....
On another note... we are delighted to once again be awarded the contract from Guide Dogs( for the Blind,) for photographing their westcountry puppies. This is the 2nd year running we have been their official photographers for the west country.
Heres my favourite horse of the week.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Just when I thought it was all over.......

I was working in plymouth until 10.30 last night, finishing off the shots for a local charity calendar.....today I was editing and feel quite pleased that the "Calendar silly Season" was over and I didnt have to lie awake at nights dreaming up novel new poses for naked people with kittens.......and then came the phone call from the Young Farmers Club...."please can you do our naked calendar again this year please"?.........so once again Im trying to envisage naked YFC lads with bales of straw and tractor tyres strategically placed......Oh joy!!
The photos are all embargoed until the launch of the calendar next month.......when all will be revealed.....literally!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hot on the Trail

I managed to get out to do some trail hunting pix today....boy was it hot, and scent was poor. We all had a good time though, and got some great shots for my forthcoming book.
The calendars I have been so involved with are almost all completed now, with just one left to shoot, next week. Lets hope the gorgeous wweather holds out for the outdoor shots!
Finally, please keep everything crossed for tomorrows job...... A big wreck fishing competition.....Ill be on a boat and probably looking a bit green though the lens!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Come rain or shine..........

Ive certainly been chasing the sunshine this last week......
every event I was booked at over the weekend suffered with rain, fog, wind.....or all 3!
A client came to the studio today and told me it was sunnny in Exeter..... despite the gloom and murk we were enduring at okehampton. neverthe less got this sweet pic for the Bichon Frise Club Calendar.
This is definitlely "calendar week" as ive been trying to keep up with demand...i have calendars for 3 clients in progress, one has all but completed tonight with the uploading of the images to the printers.....one is due for final print selection tomorrow, and the last one we are shooting next week over several days. once they are on the market, details of them will be on the website and on the face blog, but be prepared for some naughty shots!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The weather God was on our side

The start of the annual TFH pilgrimage was dubious with thick fog and drizzle, but someone must have had a word in the right places and the sun came out and everyone was happy!
Heres a photo I took at TFH, of my absolute favourite Mr G. plus a rather endearing beddy whippet I photographed on Monday
I know this blog is lacking content nowadays but thats because all of you are now using the other blog and I dont have time to write two sets of "bloggings" (or whatever the technical term is for it).
Isee our nosey parker paid lots of visits this week
25th August 200921:00:10Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
26th August 200909:24:46Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
27th August 200921:05:24Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
29th August 200908:49:48Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
30th August 200916:54:15Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
1st September 200919:08:51Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
2nd September 200920:45:04Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html
2nd September 200920:45:22Page Viewwww.farlap-photography.com/section210313.html

I wish I had that much spare time!