Friday, 30 October 2009

The Hunt is on.........

.........for my next calendar models!
The 2010 calendars are now on sale, the 2011 ones are about to be printed, (unbelievable I know!) and Im now putting together the 2012 you like your dog to appear in a worldwide breed specialist calendar? If so, please get in touch with me, and Ill let you know where and when!
If you are a breeder and have a litter of puppies, then I will also photograph whole litters for the calendars. Most breeds are required!
Meanwhile, today was a fantastic day on the moors, with one of my most favourtie breeds, the Old English Foxhound.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

running away to the circus.....

A frantically busy week travelling around CZ and briefly into poland, where I was on a press job (VP of the USA on tour.....what fun that was!), plus a magazine commission covering a chamois stalker and "forest man", as well as a private job which involved photographing an elephant amongst the high rise flats of prosek (Prague).....not an everyday occurance but then its not every day that the circus comes to town!!
CZR is undoubtedly the best country in the world for professional photographers. Professionals are exactly that....not part time weekenders....and as a country, they recognise the importance of imagery and photographers are highly respected professionals with status. I had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Czech architectutal photographer Jan Svoboda, during my trip, and watching him with his lighting skills and attention to detail was a revelation.
On my arrival home I was greeted by the disturbing news of VISA and their appalling copyright grab.....and like so many other professional photographers I have cancelled my VISA card in prtotest.
Would clients who have ordered prints, and are worried about the delay with the ongoing postal strikes, please contact me so we can make alternative delivery arrangements if neccessary.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Up, Up, and Awaaaaaaaay

After a truly hectic 10 days of commissions and shows and some press work, Im off today on assignment to Poland and CZR. This time tomorrow Ill be in a small shack with no heat, electricity or water, waiting for chamois to appear......or boar......or even a wolf! Its something of a "dream job" and one that I was happy to snap up when it was offered to me
After a few days shooting (camera and gun variety), Im having a couple of spare days with friends Lenka and pavel on the Czech/Polish borders playing with their new litter of puppies, that were sired by one of my own hounds. Ill put some photos up on the other blog, as the week progresses, if I manage to find some internet somewhere along the way!
If anyone needs me urgently , the office will be fully manned so you can ring as per normal, however no printing/orders will be going out until I return next week.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

get them while we have 'em!

I have a small number of Gables farm charity calendars for sale, for those of you who couldnt make the opening launch. please contact me if you would like one......they are great fun and support a fantastic cause, helping homeless unwanted dogs (and puss cats) in plymouth. (There are more photos of the individual pges on the main blog.)
I can post them or bring them to a show, just let me know which you prefer.
Meanwhile, work has been interesting this week, as I have been working with a Danish journalist on some hunting & fishing features, for a book due out early in 2010. watch this space!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

owls about that then?

We have a small family of barn owls living in the workshop, which have caused much interest all summer, and have now fledged. A few weeks ago I was asked to supply images for a commercial/tourist information leaflet, and one of the required images was an owl.....luckily one of the fledgling barnowls was happy to pose for me. This chap was the largest of the brood of 5, and 1st to fledge.
This would be a good time to remind everyone that all images on this blog are copyright and not for downloading or reproducing in any form. A certain person has been downloading images, most recently the calendar cover shot. This image is copyright and if you are so mean that you cant buy a calendar, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Which part of THEFT do you not understand?

Its been brought to my notice over the last few weeks that a number of people have used images, taken by us, that are (C) protected, for such things as van/vehicle window graphics and face book.
Please be aware that we do not tolerate theft in any form, and those that we have already been made aware of will be contacted. Further more the companies that are making these graphics, scanning images from prints clearly marked as (C) protected, will also be hearing from us.
A formal warning will be sent, and anyone not removing the items, will be invoiced accordingly for usage.
On a similar note, we had a company contact us recently wanting to buy images of horses that they had seen on our website. After some questions, it seems that the company were offering rehabilitation/schooling of "difficult" horses and they wanted the images for their own promotional and website use. I pointed out to them the ethics of this, and that it was gross misrepresentaion, as they were suggesting these beautifully schooled performance horses, were produced by them.....but it appears that there are people out there without morals or professional ethics, in all trades. No doubt they managed to obtain images from a photographer with their standard of morals....but at least I can hold my head up high in the knowledge they didnt get them from me. Seems to be a lot of it around these days.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

its all for charity!

Every now and then a worthwhile cause comes along and I always do my best to support it. Gables Farm (cats/dogs home) is one of those worthwhile causes. I can recall going to their old site in Plymouth as a 10 year old to take toys and blankets in, and then in the early 1990's I was one of their home checkers. I have been their photographer for a couple of years, taking photos for their website, newsletters, publicity material and covering their events,so when they told me they wanted to do a "naked" Calendar, I was more than happy to support them by doing the photos.
The calendar is launched on october 13th, at a launch party at the farm, 7.30pm, everyone welcome. Each month features one of the dogs, cats or kittens that are currently available for rehoming, and all the money raised, helps the animals in the care of Gables.