Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas is a coming!

and as usual, everyone waits until the week before Christmas and then decides to order a print as a Christmas present!!
Please note that the order deadline
I can guarantee getting a print to you in time for Christmas
will be December 14th.

Sadly I had to cancel the Calendar shoot due to the AWFUL weather. i have posted details about the new date/location, on the main blog so if you want to attend please let me know.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Is your dog an international Star?

Well he or she soon could be!!
Im holding one of my calendar photos shoots in Cornwall, near Rock, on this Sunday. Most breeds are required, so if you think your dog would look great in an International range of breed calendars, please get in touch and Ill give you more details.

For those that think trying to hack/access my weblog, my website or this blog by using Adsl Dynamic Ip Address Pool will keep them anonymous......bad doesnt, you are not, and we have the technology to suss you out dear!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Gday Mate!

Had a lovely morning thanks to Tracy at the famous Devonairs kelpies, capturing some of her working team for a USA commission.......more details to follow soon but meanwhile heres my favourite kelpie!

Its a scan!!

Once more I have been discovering some very dodgy, not to mention ILLEGAL scans of my work on the internet. Mostly this is dog show related, for some reason this seems to be the biggest offending section of my clientel, but more to the point it is totally uneccessary as I always provide web jpegs for clients websites, and so there is no need to make these crappy poor quality scans.
I will be emailing all those I have been made aware of this week, and requesting the images are removed at once. Im happy to replace with correctly formatted webjpegs that show the high quality of my work.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

more rain!

I am beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop!?
I have had to cancel three outside jobs this week, and two of them have urgent editorial deadlines, which is a worry, but you simply cant get the animals looking clean and tidy and then expect them to pose in a lovley setting when they are surrounded by mud and blown away in a force 10 wind!
Ive managed to catch up on studio work, plus have been to a very good professional seminar, so its not as if im running out of things to do .
my photo -of-the-day is Dolly......enjoying the weather, and part of a family commission.

Friday, 20 November 2009

From wildlife to rip off merchants

Hope you all like my favourite photo of the day. its unrelated to the blog content but i just couldnt resist her cheeky expression.
Its getting to the stage now, that if I have to cancel membership and subscriptions to every company thats trying to rip off professional photographers, then there wont be many options left soon!! Today I heard from a colleague about how a certain magazine thats meant to be wtitten by, and for, professional photographers, apparently has no budget to pay for contributing photographers work and expects to get it for nothing! Unbelievable. The subscription has been cancelled with an explanatory letter! Then I heard from another colleague who was told much the same today by Tescos!! Apparently they have no photographic budget either! Its no wonder photography is one of the fastest declining industries. Think I might try filling my trolley at tescos and then refusing to pay as "I dont have a budget for food"....and see how they like it!?
2 nights ago I had a wonderful evening with the SW BASC team, and a pleasant young man came over to look at my display photos. He was himself carrying a couple of nikons and was a press photographer. I really had to stifle the urge to laugh when he told me hed been professional for 7 years and hadnt had a wage increase yet.......Oh my......JUST SEVEN YEARS I thought!!! I think he must have had hell of a shock when i told him id been a pro for best part of twenty and was now earning less than I was 20 years ago simply because of digital photography and the weekend warriors who are bringing down the value of photography as a profession.

I was covering a show at EXETER recently and there were some univercity students there, who are obviously getting something of the right education as they clearly had been trained with a basic code of conduct and professionalism, and came to ask me, as the OP, if they could photograph around the show, on a non commercial basis. of course that was fine and we had a long and interesting chat about what line of work they plan to take on graduating. I have to say I think that these univercity photography courses need to take a serious look at their intake and just where they imagine they will be getting jobs once they leave.

Finally to the wildlife......I went to a pre opening day viewing of the Shell World Wildlife photography competition winners exhibition was completely amazing and even if you have no interest in wildlife photography, you cannot fail to be overawed by the quality.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sporting lass!

Heres a sporting lass if ever there was one!!! Another one of our now infamous charity calenders about to go on sale.....this one is for Lurcher Link Lurcher rescue....details here soon!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Desperately seeking.......................

we urgently need 4 dogs for our international calendar range.
1) German shorthaired pointer (but must have a full tail.)
2) Scottish terrier (puppy or puppies)
3) Australian kelpie
4) Australian terrier
If you have one of the above breeds and would like to see them in an international calendar, please contact me as soon as possible.

Silly Cow!

Today has been a real calendar day......we have shot numerous farmyard type pix for an International range of calendars.....tomorrow its the "donkey day" but today was cows and cockerels!
The calendars were commissioned a few months ago, but with the constraints of the weather plus numerous other commissions and events that have been booked in, its taken this long to complete it. Luckily the deadline is December 1st so still a few days left to get the remaining shots.
Heres one that we decided not to use but its still a sweet photo!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

While the sun shines.........

...........we have been making the most of the fair weather all day, catching up on shoots previously delayed due to an hour or two in the field as part of my continuing book project with the Lamerton Foxhounds. Who would have imagined that Roger J. could do such a convincing impression of Elton John!!!!??
Heres my favourite photo of the day.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Give a dog a home

Please take a look here at some of the dogs we have photographed for Gables Farm this week. They all need homes.

Lovely to see a client at the weekend, who is also a friend and has some lovely dogs. Heres my favourite from the photo session. Hes such a handsom boy!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Let the hunt begin..........................

Opening meet today.....the weather was kind, and so let the start of the 09/10 TRAIL hunting season begin. Had a great day photographing many happy riders and followers for all the usual publications.
On a personnal note, there is to be a QUIZ NIGHT at the BLUE LION PUB nr Okehampton, to raise money for the Lamerton Foxhounds on Sunday 15th November, so if you can get a team together to support this good cause, it would be great to hear from you. Send me an email with your team name and number of people in your team, and Ill send out full details. The quiz will be Fieldsports based

Friday, 6 November 2009

Game Playing

Im delighted that Farlap will be attending the Game evening at The Sportsmans Gunshop in Exeter later this month.
We will have a display there of some of our shooting images, based on stalking, wildfowling and other game shooting that we have taken part in recently, and promoting our fieldsports photography service to shoots and private individuals.
For more info visit the BASC website at