Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Here come the girls.......................

its been simply wonderful having a few days off over Christmas and New year, and not having to switch on a computer or pick up a camera for over a week. As I dont have a "photo of the day" (due to not taking any for a day or two!) and people keep emailing asking why I havent put anything up on either of the blogs all week, then I thought Id share this one taken the week beforehand.
Im calling it "here come the girls"!!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Shooting to the Top

This has been a real "shooting" week, with a AV Ret. Open Field trial and two days out with shooting clients. Castle Hill was as always a superb venue with fantastic birds, and of course the dogs were incredible as usual.
If you were a competetor at this North Devon Working Gundog AV Retriever trial, you can view your proofs here
Todays shoot was Staple Hill and what a fantastic friendly shoot it was, with a really mixed bag of birds, and great to meet up again with the ever amusing Chris Green, and see him putting together footage for his forthcoming film.
Proofs from the day will soon be online here

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thanks but no thanks!

Ive had a couple of rather weird messages on my blog, one of which was from Geoffrey Woollard who fancies himself as the next MP in the Swaffham area. Thanks for your message Geoffrey, but "No Thanks" i dont need to hear your ignorant bigotted anti fieldsports comments, however I have passed them onto about 320 of your constituents.
On the subject of fieldsports, I photographed these rather gorgeous and special whippet babies for the cover of a well known fieldsports magazine recently. Cant wait to see them in print!
The rain seems to have gone away for a day or two so today was spent at the well known kennel of a breeder, photographing their most gorgeous new litter. photos to follow shortly.

Get your 5 a day

We are often told that having "5 a day is good for us", and of course it is!! Therefore when I was told about th "5 a day" project I couldnt resist finding out some more.....afterall who can resist something thats good for you!
However on this ocassion rather than 5 veggies a day, this is 5 photos a day, and refers to the great new "fiveaday" image library. Their CEO came up with the bright idea after realising that the industry is rapidly going down the pan, and that photographers are fast going out of business, partly due to recession and editorial budget cuts, but mainly because of undercutting and a surgeance of amateur wannabees supplying sub standard imagery for peanuts (or less!)
So what is 5 a day? Well they guarantee that if you submit 5 stock images a day, for 6 months, they will buy them. Not at micro-stock rates, but also not at "cover of Time magazine" rates either....but certainly at a rate comparable with alamy if nothing else!
There are tight guidelines and regulations which any pro photographer should be able to comply with, and which will keep out the amateurs, weekend warriors and part timers, so I think its a great idea and Im off to find my five images of the day!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Thankyou to the people who nominated and voted for FARLAP FIELDSPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY in the Countryside Alliance Rural Awards 2009. We had a package arrive from the CA a few weeks ago and are very chuffed that you all thought so highly of farlap to vote for us.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Despite the weekends truly awful weather, I managed to finally get some GSP pix with tails, and must thank all those friends who helped me find some emergency models at such short notice.
I love this super alert chap...ready for anything!!
This time of year is usually a printing and order taking frenzy as people decide (usually last minute) that a print or canvas will mae a great christmas pressie.
its also the time when show secretaries and event organisers are planning their diaries and phoning me to check Im still coming to their events.
many 2010 weekends are now fully booked so please if you havent already booked me, give me a ring ASAP.
A new and rather odd trick was brought to my notice recently....where a photographer who wasnt invited to be the OP at many of the events where I have been invited, decides to try and sponsor the events where I am the OP!!! How bizarre not to mention childish.
I guess things must be getting a bit desperate and they are reducing themselves to the last few tricks in their books?
We have news of an exciting trip coming up to Scandinavia soon, where Ill be photographing for an International magazine.
Finally, if any of my fellow photographers get asked to work for The Danish English company, feel free to give me a bell first so I can tell you how they do NOT PAY their invoices, and Ill also be happy to tell you about the court proceedings I am undertaking.