Sunday, 31 January 2010

End of the season

Its always sad to see the end of the game bird season, as it means my favourite commissions and events of the year are now over....well until october anyhow!
This season had a cracking end for me as I was commissioned to cover undoubtedly one of the best 3 days shooting Ive been on, in Scotland. Great birds, excellent company, and fantastic hospitality.
My last day of shoot photographing in Devon was at Cookbury, and again it was excellent.
I was shocked to receieve news from Kitt, that whilst photographing at a dog show in the USA last week she was attacked by a SMD, and had her ear bitten off. What a terrible thing to happen, and I wish her the very very best for a swift recovery and hope shes back behind her camera very soon.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Climb down? I dont think so!

The EA are back tracking and have released a PR saying
That "amateurs and student photographers will be paid at an agreed rate per normal commercial best practice for their time plus expenses"

Well sorry but why the hell are they even offering work to amateurs and students? Do you see student doctors doing operations in hospitals? Do you see amateur boat builders building nuclear submarines? No!! So why do they think its ok to put professional photographers out of work and employ amateurs? I think this will rumble on!
After the scandal over the "fake wild wolf" jumping the gate in the Wildlife photographer of the year awards (which i went to visit the exhibition recently and it was a fantastic photo!) I thought id include my own "gate jumping" photo......but am happy to disclaim it was a tame foxhound and not a wild one !

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Enviromental Storm

Can you believe the Environment Agency and their "free photographers" policy?......well neither could many other PROFESSIONAL photographers so we created an enviromental" storm" and hopefully they are begining to realise their mistake. Im sure they dont consider employing "amateur biologists" for free in their laboratories, so why do they consider photographers to be so insconsequential. hopefully they are now reconsidering after they have created a major industry backlash!
On a calmer note, what a lovely day photographing foxhounds!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bordering on ridiculous

Yes its been a real "Border" week this week! Ive been searching back through the files for a client, and this one was my could anyone resist these gorgeous little characters?
A mixed bag this week in terms of work....photographing everything from a top winning herd of cattle, to a rescued donkey, for an overseas publication......oh and a photo for "The Field" magazine just for good measure.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Edinburgh Photo shoot

I can now confirm that I will be holding a dog photography photo shoot for our calendar ranges, on January 28th, in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, 12.30pm. For details on where to meet please email me.
All breeds will be welcome, and for full details, times etc just drop a line to

Had a fantastic calendar photo shoot yesterday and the breeds included Border Terriers, Beagles, a Malamute, a GSP and whole team of Cocker Spaniels.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Why not give it away?

I get many requests from students and starters (plus a few wannabees who get short thrift!) for work experience and freelance work, and I am happy to have them come along and learn, as a rule they enjoy their days with me and several of them have gone on to work alongside me at events, and being valuable second shooters when Im covering several rings at horse shows and the like.
I was astounded therefore to receive an email from a person, who, they tell me was "fully qualified" as a photographer (didnt expand on that!) and had been working for FREE for a few years but now wanted to earn a living from photography.
Its no wonder that the day rates, page rates and EVERYTHING ELSE RATES for photographers are plummeting if they can get people to work for free. I think my reply email explained quite succinctly, how I felt about it!!
On a different tact, heres a couple of poor pusses that were amongst 100 persian cats rescued from a room in a house....the mind boggles....they were so starved, matted and neglected that they had to be anaesthatised to clip off their coats by a vet. Anyway if you think you can give a poor unwanted cat a home, click for more details.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Time off for good behaviour

.....well that was the plan......but obviously I must have been very, very bad, as the diary has filled up rapidly for january (id planned to take a week off!).
Yeovil Canine Society decided that Farlap was the photographer of choice for their show on the 16th, and The Old Berkley Beagles have booked us for their forthcoming tour. Following on from that we have been comissioned to cover a prestigious Scottish shoot, and somehow in between all these bookings we have to slot in Manchester Championship show and three working trials.
So.....if you need Farlap to cover your forthcoming events, please let us know ASAP as February is now fully booked, and the rest of 2010 is filling up fast!
We have a special bonus for our Dog Show clients, starting next weekend (Yeovil Show).
Those clients who have remained loyal to Farlap over the years, (and there are many!) and whose 2009 print orders have exceeded £200, will receive one of our "loyalty gift vouchers" with their next order.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

How do they sleep at night?

Honestly, I sometimes wonder how people sleep at night. Im part of a small group of professional photographers and yesterday we had one of our "get togethers" and I heard no less than 6 cases where they had jobs poached by wannabee amateurs, and part timers. Some of the tales they were telling me were quite involved an amateur wanting some advise, and a little experience on the job, and then they went behind the photographers back and canvased his clients for their business. I thought I had seen some unbelievable attempted hijacking of my regular clients but it seems that there are people out there with even less scruples and professional etiquette than the ones attempting to do it to me....and I never thought id say that!!!
On a dreary-weather day, like today, Ive spent 9 hours keywording library images......a much disliked job, but one that has to be done on a regular basis when you are selling images world wide, to many different types of publication and client. Im planning a dog calendar photo shoot day in SCOTLAND in a couple of weeks (Edinburgh area) so if thats your area and you are available, please contact me ASAP as there will be a lot of dogs to book in on one day.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


It was truly Arctic conditions on todays job!!
A lovely day rough shooting with a friendly team but boy was it cold!! It was SO COLD that some of the spaniels legs and feet iced up into balls and they couldnt work. I could barely get my fingers to work the camera despite taking shooting gloves.
Never mind it was a great job, and we got some really great shots of the dogs working in the snow.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Last one left!

I have a nice "Labrador Retriever puppies" calendar left for 2010, it contains some of my photos as well as photos from other internationally known canine photographers, and to my knowledge this version isnt available in the UK, so its a bit unusual.
If anyone would like it, for a donation of £10 towards charity, please let me know.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kill it, Cook it, Eat it......

Its probably not wise to be lying in the snow in a blizzard so soon after having the mother of all chest infections, however when i was invited to cover a red hind stalk today, for a magazine, within walking distance of home (just as well as we cant get a vehicle out yet), then I decided to take up the offer.
It was a successful trip for me as I got all the photos I wanted, and successful for the stalker as he got a lovely hind which is now hanging in the cold store!
A couple of pix included here but the rest are embargoed for the forthcoming magazine article.
Unfortunatley tomorrows calendar shoot has had to be cancelled due to the weather, ive emailed all those who booked to join me but if anyone was thinking of turning up unannounced......please dont!
Our only route out at the moment is to take the landrover out across the fields, as the lane now has snow on top of ice and is unpassable.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Going nowhere!!!

It seems to be just "one of those weeks"!
Ive been laid low with a bug for a few days, and once I was starting to feel human again, I had a big photo shoot on a beach for a calendar company scheduled, so i braved the cold and ice and managed to get the shoot finished.
This morning, the plan was to do a kennel visit to a breeder near Okehampton but my "bug" and the weather had other ideas.
The snow started about 6am and has continued on and off all day........just because I drive a landrover it doesnt mean I can get out of our steep valley which is 2inches of ice all up the hill with snow on top.......not pleasant!
So as a slightly different outlook Im posting a photo I took today of the view from our cosy office with its woodburning stoves burning furiously trying to keep the cold at bay. Just click on the photo to see a bigger version.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Shooting Stars

Heres todays "shooting Star".......Honey the labrador on her first day at the woodcock shoot.
The New years work diary has been a flurry of shooting so far, and what a wonderful time Ive had photographing some great working gundogs, and, amazingly for me.....some children too!!
Dont worry Im not breaking my oath ("I never photograph weddings or kids")......its just that they happened to be out shooting and were an important part of the day.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Not just a pretty face............

Heres my "dog of the day", taken on a Somerset shoot. He was definitely the "photographers choice" and as you can see, he wasnt just a "looker" but actually knew his job as well.