Sunday, 21 February 2010

Back to normal? Almost!

My back has been somewhat better this weekend, but Im not risking a set back by doing too much standing or carrying just yet. I did have an outstanding calendar shoot to complete and as I had an assistant around, decided to get it done on Sunday, in the knowledge that it would only take an hour or so, and if it all went wrong and I was unable to walk/lift/drive.....then someone could scoop me up and take me home!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010


This week has been "working whippets and terriers" for a magazine commission.
An interesting conversation with our thatcher today (ie the guy thats has thatched our house for us), he was telling me how fed up he is of people retiring early/ selling up their business/being made redundant, who decide to follow some pipe dream theyve had about being a thatcher as a dream occupation. I pointed out to him that its not just thatching where this occurs, and that its a daily problem in my industry as well!
This conversation all came about as we were talking about last nights TV programme where some "joe public" went on a 6 week course to learn some thatching.....and one of them had the nerve to say that she couldnt understand why a thatching apprenticeship was 4 years long because after 6 weeks she felt competant to thatch her own house! Wow, the arrogance of that assumption left me breathless. I was so pleased that the tutor put her straight, and told her that her work was not up to even the most basic standard!
The same happens in this industry......I was talking to someone a few weeks ago who told me theyd been asked to shoot a sporting event. They had taken 3000 (yes thats three THOUSAND) shots, in order to ensure they had at least one or two goodpix in the bag. I was so taken aback by this attitude that for once I was speechless and couldnt even offer a response. Who in their right mind would need to take that many images for the event in question.
Firstly its so typical of the "digital warriors" who never cut their teeth on film (yes Im a dinosaur and proud of it!)
Her amateurishness was so clearly apparent, and she also admitted she didnt know how to do wire transfers or have a clue how to optimise images for the publication she was commissioned by....then she wondered why they never asked her to cover another event.
Some things really are best left to professionals.....I dont want my roof thatched by some weekend warrior whose decided to jack it all in and become a thatcher, and likewise I dont expect my publishing clients to want to emply or commission a photographer whose experience in the industry is almost nil, whose never been a pro assistant or who is so arrogant to expect work to come their way, before they know the industry. Sadly though, its not an ideal world and these things will continue to happen.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Looking at you!!

Makes you wonder why someone calling themselves a pro photographer, needs to be visiting my website so often......this week alone theres been 3 visits..... Some may say I should be flattered that they are so interested in what Im doing, but, to be honest, based on past performances, I think they have a big problem with their low self esteeem, amateurishness and lack of business accumen. Well....heres lookin' at you too!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rent Due

its been an interesting few days trying out some new software recently aquired that helps combat copyright theft. Im horrified at the number of so called "pro" photographers (usually digital warriors) who seem to think its ok to be ripped off on a regular basis, by people who think its fine to illegally scan images and use them. Anyway, the software is great news for those of us who are professionals in every sense of the word, and already its tracked down numerous images being used illegally on the internet, and Ill have a busy week next week sending out invoices. This even extends people trying to shoot over my shoulder at dog shows using my lighting equipment. Well the rent for my equipment is now due!
Radio4 is my station of choice in the office, and today they were talking about how so many people are looking for work, but theres nothing out there for them after graduating. Well I have a very different take on the situation having advertised for over a month for retouchers and a studio assistant. So far the applicants have been nothing more than a small trickle, and the standards unbelievably low!!!
Ive had people turn up for interviews in jeans and t shirt, with things shoved though their noses, and in trainers. yee gods whatever is going on with these colleges if thats what they are producing? Does no one have any sense of correct dress these days? One girl, in conversation, even mentioned that if she got the job she would rather have radio one on instead!!!
I know that "professionality" seems to be an out of fashion term these days, but basic standars seem to be intolerably low, and, not surprisingly we havent taken anyone on yet!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Apologies to all those who have emailed/phoned to see where I was , when I should have been covering the show on Saturday, and the trials on Friday......I managed to injure myself whilst working on a private commission, trying to lug heavy photographic gear across a river, and am now flat on my back!! Having tried various things such as accupuncture and some weird "hands-on healing" thing (never have believed in all that mumbo jumbo) the doc has now resigned me to complete rest and anti inflamatories!!!
Enjoy my "pic of the day"

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

photo of the day

As im technically "on holiday" this week I have little to say (just for once!) heres my favourite of the day, now that the game bird season has finished, its the turn of the woodies!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Rotties Rotties everywhere!

Im in the midst of a couple of weeks holiday, which of course means Im busier than ever, and having to take on assistants again! However one job I managed to get done on my own this week, was a visit to Gables Farm in plymouth, to photograph some of their new intake of dogs, who are looking for new homes. For some reason they seem to have an influx of rottweilers....which I suppose makes a change from the constant stream of staffie types that seem to end up there, but, it does mean they will be looking for some very special homes for them. I met three and all had lovely temperaments and will make great pets in the right homes. if youre interested in homing them then please visit their website for more details.