Sunday, 28 March 2010

Its just like Spring(er)

A lovely few hours spent with this lovely litter of English Springers, for the calendars......real bundles of joy.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Save our industry before its too late

I went into great detail about this on the farlap "tog blog" last week, but for those who havent joined yet, heres the gist of it. Sadly there are heaps of amateur wannabees coming into our industry without any indepth knowledge of how it works.......these people need educating, like our government do, so feel free to contaact me for a "stop 43" action pack.

Its that time again........

..............for me to be finalising photos for the dog breed calendars.

Im interested in photographing almost every breed, so if you have just one dog, a whole family or a whole litter, of almost any breed, and you live in Devon/Cornwall/Somerset then please get in touch. There are just a few weeks left now for me to get the photos taken, and this year Ill be doing home visits for litters of pups in April, as well as the usual "group photo sessions".
So if you want your pet photographed by a professional photographer and to appear in an International breed calendar, please get in touch immediately.
Also this year we will be photographing pet rabbits and cavies, but please speak to us about this.
The next group session will be in Plymouth area on April 12th 2010. If you plan to come along please let me know asap as these group days fill up quickly.
Im putting this on the public blog as I know there are still some folks who havent signed up to the main (passworded) Farlap Photography blog via the website. Im still planning to remove this public blog in the near future so if you havent signed up yet, please do so.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Getting to the Point

Well after another week off with ongoing problems with computers and my back, I was quite relieved to get out and do a job! This weekend we were the official photographers at the Lamerton point to point, at Kilworthy,one of my favourite fixtures.
For those who havent had their "point to point photographer" info pack sent out, you can view /order the photos here.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Done and dusted

Thank goodness Crufts is done and dusted for another year. it was a busy one for me as I was working for 3 different magazines, as well as being the official BASC photographer on gundog day.
With my back about to have a complete breakdown I was sooooo glad i turned down the offer of being an OP for 4 days inc. groups/BIS........I have never been so glad to leave a job and jump on the train as I was when the gamekeeper classes finished on Sunday!!
As per usual it was a battle with the crowds but even more annoyingly, the wannabee professional photographers! I actually watched one of them in the ring during judging, using a flash in the face of a small child......quite unbelievable. Especially as he was meant to be representing a national magazine....i really feel the PO should be more discerning how they dish out press gets worse every year!
The usual suspects got in my way and tried to nick my set ups, but overall it was no worse than usual. The press room seemed to have finally got its queuing system sorted out, although lockers were still an issue. It was great to see karl and the other WDP gang, and I was pleased to see that I had 3 covers from gundog day.
Im flat out now, with a 2 day editorial photoshoot for a Danish hunting magazine, then Im the OP at a point to point.........just hope my back holds out!
Its fantastic to be so busy......I guess some other"so called photographers" just arent busy atall as they appear to be reading this twice a day.......

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Improving with a fine wine?

Well a trip to the chiropracter and Im feeling hugely improved (especially as he reckons my ongoing back problem will reduce with age!) and more confident of fulfilling my Crufts work commitments this week, thank goodness. If anyone wants a recomendation for a chiropracter with 1st class service, then visit

I even managed a flying visit to one of my publishing clients on the way home, to drop off some fly fishing images they had ordered, so feeling like Im almost back to normal now.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Strapping good time

One of my pet hates is people (pros or not) who waffle on endlessly about the minutae of photographic equipment....I suppose because the equipment doesnt interest me atall......infact apart from a rabid dislike of digital cameras, I really couldnt care less for what equipment im using, as long as it meets my needs.
However, I do have a major gripe with my current Nikon equipment, in that ever since my lovely F5, they have been unable to make a decent camera that doesnt slip and slide, ruck up or stay in the right place. Therefore I was really pleased to be asked to road test an amazing new kind of strap on 4 of my Nikon D3 bodies. They are due to arrive this week so Im hoping to try them out on a few of my next jobs.....probably starting with could be interesting and as much as I hate new equipment, im rather excited about this one!
Enjoy my photo of the day!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Support your local?

As someone who is a huge supporter of "buy local" when it comes to food, Id like to think that this would continue into my business practice as well, but it appears that sometimes its just not possible. We have offered our fantastic photo books to our shooting and fieldsports clients for a number of years, and they have been produced relatively locally, and to a high standard, but recent changes in management have seen standards sliding to an unacceptable level where we felt we could no longer support them as clients. Having spent several months meeting reps and receiving samples from other book binders, we had to finally accept that we just couldnt source the quality we expect, and that out clients expect, locally. Worse than that......we couldnt source them in this COUNTRY!! A photographer colleague who we occasionally work with, told me about a fantastic publishers in the USA.....within a week they had set up our account, received our order, proofed us, and then just 3 days later our clients' books arrived.
These were the first two, and the quality was superb.
It really goes against all I believe in to have to purchase from so far away, but it seems to be an increasing problem as so many "local" products and services have been unsatisfactory. We used to use a local commercial insurance company but then they couldnt insure us because we have a thatched we had to move to a national company. We used to use a local professional lab, but then their trimming standards dropped off so we ended up using a pro lab in the north of England. I had a local mug maker until the colour matching started varying beyond acceptability so had to get one at the other end of the county (so still fairly local I guess), I had some signage made and the edges were unglued within 6 months, and the stitching failed and it was all in pieces within 12 months......very disapointing in itself but even more disapointing because it means my next lot will probably end up being made by some multi national faceless company. seems that I need some local manufacturer to rekindle my confidence in their product....and then maybe we can do business......until then, I will choose the very best that i can source for my valuable loyal clients, regardless of how far away!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Its all for a good cause

Borders are still the hot topic this week, with more calendar and card requests coming in each week, they are ever popular.
I was delighted to get the final tally on the funds raised for BADA uk, and Lurcher link, from the calendar that I photographed last year. A massive £2109.24 in total, and the following lovely letter.

The trustees and committee members of BADA-UK would like to thank everyone involved in the creation of "The Hunting Life" 2010 charity calendar. Our sincere gratitude goes to all those who donated items for the auction to raise funds for the printing of the calendar, the girls who were such great sports and posed so beautifully, Sam Clark of Farlap Photography who gave her time and waived all fees, and Toni and everyone involved in the organisation and administration. Our thanks also go to everyone who purchased a copy of the calendar which raised such considerable funds for BADA-UK and Lurcher Link. Being a self-funded charity of a lesser-known cause, funding is difficult to come by. The £1054.62 which the calendar raised for BADA-UK will help considerably to fund our exhibits this year at various shows; the first of which is the Scottish Game and Angling Show at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, on the 6th-7th of March. These kinds of exhibits are hugely important in helping to raise awareness and teach bite-prevention methods and correct tick-removal techniques. The necessity for our attending is often demonstrated when a show visitor has had a 'Eureka' moment after visiting our stand and, as a result, they have sought medical attention for symptoms they had been suffering. There are many occasions when we have heard back from these people to say that they have been diagnosed with a tick-borne disease and it was because of the information we provided that they put two and two together. In fact, some of our most active volunteers have been introduced to BADA-UK this way. There are still a vast number of people who don't appreciate the risks that ticks pose and who are unknowingly using methods of tick removal which increase the risks of disease transmission. This money will help us to continue our work to educate. On behalf of all at BADA-UK, I thank you again and congratulate you all on such a successful project. Kind regard, Wendy Fox - Director / Chairperson. BADA-UK Limited (Borreliosis & Associated Diseases Awareness - UK)

Its only a week until Crufts......Im lucky to have been given a day "off duty" on the Friday to show my own hounds, and Ill then be there Sunday working for BASC covering their gundog activities all day, as well as covering all the groups/BIS for the Interntional and canine press. Im just hoping that my back will be recovered in time, as Im currently unable to even walk, let alone lift a camera.......more painkillers required!
The new weblog is nearly finished and hopefully everyone has now registered to be able to view and post comments on it. This blog will continue in the short term as I know how much its read and enjoyed...even it seems, Louise gets time to read it!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Crufts is like know its coming but..... still leave it until the last minute!!! per previous years Im getting calls this week for people needing photos taken for the CRUFTS REVIEWS!!! Ive managed to get four done over the weekend, but I think that all deadlines are now reached so Im afraid the rest of you are too late!
The ongoing saga with the DIGITAL BILL rumbles on with many MP's and even Mandelson now getting involved. Its so uncertain how it will turn out and so now is the time to lobby your MP if you are a pro and want to continue to make a living from photography. Once the bill comes in we are all finished. Sadly there are some out there who call them selves "pro" but then allow magazines to publish their work for free. These people are the ruination of the industry.
A weird photo library order came in today for a photo of a badger to go on the livery of a fleetof vans.....seems odd wanting the stripey TB carrying vermin to promote a business.....but hey ho!