Monday, 1 March 2010

Crufts is like know its coming but..... still leave it until the last minute!!! per previous years Im getting calls this week for people needing photos taken for the CRUFTS REVIEWS!!! Ive managed to get four done over the weekend, but I think that all deadlines are now reached so Im afraid the rest of you are too late!
The ongoing saga with the DIGITAL BILL rumbles on with many MP's and even Mandelson now getting involved. Its so uncertain how it will turn out and so now is the time to lobby your MP if you are a pro and want to continue to make a living from photography. Once the bill comes in we are all finished. Sadly there are some out there who call them selves "pro" but then allow magazines to publish their work for free. These people are the ruination of the industry.
A weird photo library order came in today for a photo of a badger to go on the livery of a fleetof vans.....seems odd wanting the stripey TB carrying vermin to promote a business.....but hey ho!

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