Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Done and dusted

Thank goodness Crufts is done and dusted for another year. it was a busy one for me as I was working for 3 different magazines, as well as being the official BASC photographer on gundog day.
With my back about to have a complete breakdown I was sooooo glad i turned down the offer of being an OP for 4 days inc. groups/BIS........I have never been so glad to leave a job and jump on the train as I was when the gamekeeper classes finished on Sunday!!
As per usual it was a battle with the crowds but even more annoyingly, the wannabee professional photographers! I actually watched one of them in the ring during judging, using a flash in the face of a small child......quite unbelievable. Especially as he was meant to be representing a national magazine....i really feel the PO should be more discerning how they dish out press gets worse every year!
The usual suspects got in my way and tried to nick my set ups, but overall it was no worse than usual. The press room seemed to have finally got its queuing system sorted out, although lockers were still an issue. It was great to see karl and the other WDP gang, and I was pleased to see that I had 3 covers from gundog day.
Im flat out now, with a 2 day editorial photoshoot for a Danish hunting magazine, then Im the OP at a point to point.........just hope my back holds out!
Its fantastic to be so busy......I guess some other"so called photographers" just arent busy atall as they appear to be reading this twice a day.......

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