Saturday, 6 March 2010

Support your local?

As someone who is a huge supporter of "buy local" when it comes to food, Id like to think that this would continue into my business practice as well, but it appears that sometimes its just not possible. We have offered our fantastic photo books to our shooting and fieldsports clients for a number of years, and they have been produced relatively locally, and to a high standard, but recent changes in management have seen standards sliding to an unacceptable level where we felt we could no longer support them as clients. Having spent several months meeting reps and receiving samples from other book binders, we had to finally accept that we just couldnt source the quality we expect, and that out clients expect, locally. Worse than that......we couldnt source them in this COUNTRY!! A photographer colleague who we occasionally work with, told me about a fantastic publishers in the USA.....within a week they had set up our account, received our order, proofed us, and then just 3 days later our clients' books arrived.
These were the first two, and the quality was superb.
It really goes against all I believe in to have to purchase from so far away, but it seems to be an increasing problem as so many "local" products and services have been unsatisfactory. We used to use a local commercial insurance company but then they couldnt insure us because we have a thatched we had to move to a national company. We used to use a local professional lab, but then their trimming standards dropped off so we ended up using a pro lab in the north of England. I had a local mug maker until the colour matching started varying beyond acceptability so had to get one at the other end of the county (so still fairly local I guess), I had some signage made and the edges were unglued within 6 months, and the stitching failed and it was all in pieces within 12 months......very disapointing in itself but even more disapointing because it means my next lot will probably end up being made by some multi national faceless company. seems that I need some local manufacturer to rekindle my confidence in their product....and then maybe we can do business......until then, I will choose the very best that i can source for my valuable loyal clients, regardless of how far away!

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