Thursday, 29 April 2010

What are ewe looking at?

What gorgeous weather we have had these last couple of weeks. I managed to get these comissions squeezed in this week, of this smart little Norfolk terrier and a rather special sheep, before the rain arrived last night.
Im hoping next week will be a little quieter and I will be able to finish all my editing of calendar shots, but this week has been manically busy and what with three new shows being booked, an American publisher buying some greyhound images for childrens books, and a national greeting card publisher selecting a number of my images, its been non stop every day.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Horse play

A busy "horsey" weekend with the EGB St Meubred Endurance and the EDRC One Dy Event.
There were a couple of near incidents on the Saturday with over zealous riding and one of my photographers, which led to me review some of the safety implications I have in place. It never fails to amaze me how some photographers will actually take on students or keen amateurs to cover horse events, who have no horse experience or horse sense. ive seen "hired help" standing in vulnerable positions on the run out of jumps, as well as not understanding basic horse safety rules and coming very close to being kicked or barged. Last time I advertised for horse photographers I was shocked how many came for the interview who, although they had take pix of equestrian events, had no hands-on experience of safe working practice around equines. The best photographer Ive ever had work for me was an accomplished equestrian herself she always knew where to be and more importantly...where NOT to be. Ill be re advertising for horse photographers to help me on some of my large summer shows, but please dont consider applying unless you have areally good working knowledge of equine beahviour and are an experienced rider.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dont be such an ass.......

The weather has been kind for 10 days, which measn its been non stop work, making the most of the sunshine, so Ive not had time to put any news on the blog. Firstly Ive been flat out with local dog shows, some of the busiest days I can remember in a long time......then on top of that Ive had a few days at a well known Donkey Stud photographing their spring crop of foals, as well as putting together images for their next seasone stud cards. As if that wasnt enough ive taken on 3 new shows this week alone......and then theres the the longest job in history but this is the last week! The infamous volcanic ash cloud put paid to my jaunt to moscow last week....but thats hopefully happening in May...... as long as the client is still happy to postpone.
On a final note, some folk should realise that desperation is not an attractive quality! The lengths the desperate will go to and the depths they will sink to are quite unfathomable to those of us who have worked hard to build up successful businesses over the years.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunshine at last

I was begining to worry that I wouldnt be able to complete my sizable calendar comission with the ongoing rain and wind, but the weather is finally "springlike" and so ive been able to really crack on this week, getting all the models (canine and equine.....and a few bovine too!) photographed in lovely warm sunshine.
Ill be holding another photo shoot nr Okehampton on Monday 11th April, so anyone wanting to bring a long a dog of any breed will be most welcome. Calendar photo shoots are fun for the dogs as well as for their owners, so wed be pleased to see you there, just email for details of where and when etc.
This little chap thoroughly enjoyed his time in front of the camera...what a poser!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Well thanks to the nucleus of good people who have fought tooth and nail, it appears we have won and tonight the UK govt has withdrawn the orphan works Clause 43 from the Digital Economy Bill.
Im shocked....truly disgusted.....that there are so many so called photographers out there who not only were unaware of the threat to the industry, but actually just didnt get off their fat arses and do domething to try and help.
Its a disgrace the way these newcomers want to get in on the work.....want to take work from those of us who have built up our businesses over the years, yet do nothing to protect it when the industry is in dire straights.
For Jeremy, David and the others who made it happen, I feel proud to be involved with you all, and to know people who have the courage to not only put the case forward, but to dogedly and determindly continue with the case and see it through to its successful end. I raise a glass to you you all!

To celebrate.....Ive found this lovely happy picture, taken last week in the daffs. its one of our calendar pix for next least we now have a future to look forward to instead of clause 43 hanging over our heads.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Stop Bleating

Couldnt resist this little chap after a day photographing pedigree sheep for the stud book and breed hand book. Hard to imagine he'll be lamb chops in a few months!!!
It seems that theres a lot of bleating going on right now.....Im fairly sure that someone will be for the chop soon!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010


My friends border terrier bitch is missing, from Cornwall. Please get in touch if you see or hear anything, whether a stray that you spot somewhere, or maybe someone just suddenly acquiring an adult border COULD be her!