Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dont be such an ass.......

The weather has been kind for 10 days, which measn its been non stop work, making the most of the sunshine, so Ive not had time to put any news on the blog. Firstly Ive been flat out with local dog shows, some of the busiest days I can remember in a long time......then on top of that Ive had a few days at a well known Donkey Stud photographing their spring crop of foals, as well as putting together images for their next seasone stud cards. As if that wasnt enough ive taken on 3 new shows this week alone......and then theres the the longest job in history but this is the last week! The infamous volcanic ash cloud put paid to my jaunt to moscow last week....but thats hopefully happening in May...... as long as the client is still happy to postpone.
On a final note, some folk should realise that desperation is not an attractive quality! The lengths the desperate will go to and the depths they will sink to are quite unfathomable to those of us who have worked hard to build up successful businesses over the years.

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