Monday, 26 April 2010

Horse play

A busy "horsey" weekend with the EGB St Meubred Endurance and the EDRC One Dy Event.
There were a couple of near incidents on the Saturday with over zealous riding and one of my photographers, which led to me review some of the safety implications I have in place. It never fails to amaze me how some photographers will actually take on students or keen amateurs to cover horse events, who have no horse experience or horse sense. ive seen "hired help" standing in vulnerable positions on the run out of jumps, as well as not understanding basic horse safety rules and coming very close to being kicked or barged. Last time I advertised for horse photographers I was shocked how many came for the interview who, although they had take pix of equestrian events, had no hands-on experience of safe working practice around equines. The best photographer Ive ever had work for me was an accomplished equestrian herself she always knew where to be and more importantly...where NOT to be. Ill be re advertising for horse photographers to help me on some of my large summer shows, but please dont consider applying unless you have areally good working knowledge of equine beahviour and are an experienced rider.

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