Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Well thanks to the nucleus of good people who have fought tooth and nail, it appears we have won and tonight the UK govt has withdrawn the orphan works Clause 43 from the Digital Economy Bill.
Im shocked....truly disgusted.....that there are so many so called photographers out there who not only were unaware of the threat to the industry, but actually just didnt get off their fat arses and do domething to try and help.
Its a disgrace the way these newcomers want to get in on the work.....want to take work from those of us who have built up our businesses over the years, yet do nothing to protect it when the industry is in dire straights.
For Jeremy, David and the others who made it happen, I feel proud to be involved with you all, and to know people who have the courage to not only put the case forward, but to dogedly and determindly continue with the case and see it through to its successful end. I raise a glass to you you all!

To celebrate.....Ive found this lovely happy picture, taken last week in the daffs. its one of our calendar pix for next least we now have a future to look forward to instead of clause 43 hanging over our heads.

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