Friday, 28 May 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous

This young lady was a pleasure to photograph in Plymouth today......isnt she gorgeous?
I knew I was speaking too soon when I claimed competance with the newly installed computer system......the laptops went down yesterday mid way through uploading images to a commercial clients ftp server....always happms at the crucial moment doesnt it! Luckily a neighbouring farm helped me out by allowing me to use their internet, and the client got their images on time. Nice to hear from Louise again this week and fingers crossed the dates work out for July and August!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

..pleased to present............

Farlap were pleased to present this canvas to last years Best In Show winner at Devon County Show 2010. The canvas was presented by Major & Mrs Rayner, to Mrs Wilson who was standing in for last years winner, who was unable to attend. Those of us who knew Pebbles the Australian Shepherd, were very sad to hear of his death earlier in the year, and as he was the BIS winner for 2 years in a row, he leaves a very big act to follow.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mad dogs and Englishmen...........

Its true! The hot weather this week has been much too hot for anyone else!!!
Three days at Devon County were hard work, with 7am starts for the cattle/sheep clients, and then 7 hours a day in the heat,for the canine section, I was glad to get home Saturday night. Sunday morning was also an early start with the Cornwall Field Trial Society working test and 25th anniversary fun day, which despite the heat, still managed to be fun. The bluebells at Colquite were, once again quite stunning and I loved this yellow lab who was competing in the test.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

press for service......

Its that time of year day at Devon County Show! I dont know whether it was the humid weather or the arrival of livestock, but there were a vast number of horseflies around today, and as I have a bit of an adverse reaction to horseflies, I spent most of the day covered in citronella, smelling like a giant sherbert lemon, and getting sideways glances from the other press photographers!
Press day is always the best day for members of the public to battle through and plenty of time to get my basic editorial shots taken before the crowds arrive. Being the "season" means I have over 9 agricultural shows to cover for the press, and after Devon its Royal bath & west, my favourite show.

I had a lovely job yesterday with a very elderly labrador who was having his photos taken in glorious North Devon. The owners "pride of place" photo, was a blurry, worn looking, 14 year old snap, of her beloved labrador digging a hole on a beach as a puppy. It didnt matter that the photo was one that most people would have "deleted" in their modern cameras....she kept it because it was, to her, simply the best memory of her dear old dog. There must be thousands of such memories deleted every day, thanks to the scourge of "digital".
As someone who simply hates modern technology (especially digital cameras), I have surpassed and surprised myself, in getting to grips with out new computer system that was installed last week. its now all singing and flying without too many glitches, and hopefully means that the recently digitised library of over 50,000 images from transparency to digital, will be more accessible to our commercial clients.
Part of me thinks im mad to have taken on the massive digitisation project, but if Im to have the early retirement Im dreaming of, then its neccessary to make more images available via our new online library. Hopefully I wont have to wait too long until the day I can throw the camera away (never to be picked up again!) and put my feet up.....thats my biggest ambition.....and as I have now realised all my professional ambitions after 20 plus years, Im hoping it wont be too hard to fulfill.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sunny Gables

Once again I was pleased to be working alongside Gables Dogs Home today, doing the photos at their May fundraising show. The sun shone and everyone seemed to be enjoying them selves.
A press job yesterday took me to Totnes, and whilst I was waiting for stuff to go on the wire to my editor, I had a wander about the market. Imagine my surprise , when buying a rather nice olive and feta focaccia (my weakness!) to be served by Hayley who used to work for me when I had the Totnes studio!!! it seems that her wanderlust has subsided and shes back in the UK......I was sad I couldnt offer her any part time work at the moment but having just taken on two new equine photographers in recent weeks there was nothing I could do. However if anyones looking for a 1st class equine photographer with many years hands on, 1st hand equine experinece, who is reliable and smartly turned out and can tell a mullen from a kimblewick, then give me a call and Ill pass your request on to her.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A-Z (well "W" anyhow)

From Aberdeen Angus to whippety whippets.....a busy 2 days so far this week!
I was nearly blown off my feet on the moor yesterday photographing this sweet girl.......I think her ears were stuck in the wind!
Im meant to be doing private comissions on Hartland Point later in the week so hope the wind dies down a bit.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Do some good for a change

Those in the "doggy" world probably know Sandra and Margaret of Barrenger Bassets, and so I urge you all to go to this page where you can sponsor their friend Stephanie, who is running a charity run to raise money for Cancer Research, as her way of helping Margaret who is herself suffering from this ghastly illness. You can make a donation safely on the website. Good Luck Stephanie!

Monday, 10 May 2010

perfect day

After all the mad rushing of the last few weeks, what with deadlines to make, yearbook adverts to complete, stud cards to layout, calendars to photograph and late night dances tophotograph/ attend, it was a real joy to be the OP at a calm and relaxed Dartmoor based Terrier and Lurcher Show, even if I was a sponsor and had to do some work there!
This week again looks like being a frantic few days of commissions, press events and editorials, but Im not complaining as they are all fieldsports related, so it means Ill be working with some great shooting folk and their dogs.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Baby Boomers!

"Find us 24 babies and mothers..................and make it snappy!"
That was the brief that landed in my in-tray at the start of the week.......not much to ask: I mean after my 600 mile drive, a 400 head dinner dance, 2 dog shows and Moscow.....24 babies should be a walk in the park!
On top of that, James turned up this morning in some daft looking audi sports car (still cant believe he traded his lovely canvas back Landy for a sports car!) and managed to get it stuck in the lane in the cow shit! Ha ha, I saw enough prats driving stupid cars (why do only idiots drive porches?) on the M40 this week to last a life time so had no sympathy for him atall!
I had a great chance this week to go and watch red kites for an article im illustrating....fascinating birds, and my landrover made a great hide!