Saturday, 8 May 2010

Baby Boomers!

"Find us 24 babies and mothers..................and make it snappy!"
That was the brief that landed in my in-tray at the start of the week.......not much to ask: I mean after my 600 mile drive, a 400 head dinner dance, 2 dog shows and Moscow.....24 babies should be a walk in the park!
On top of that, James turned up this morning in some daft looking audi sports car (still cant believe he traded his lovely canvas back Landy for a sports car!) and managed to get it stuck in the lane in the cow shit! Ha ha, I saw enough prats driving stupid cars (why do only idiots drive porches?) on the M40 this week to last a life time so had no sympathy for him atall!
I had a great chance this week to go and watch red kites for an article im illustrating....fascinating birds, and my landrover made a great hide!

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