Monday, 21 June 2010

Lab report

What a lovely day to be photographing labs for Lewtrenchard Labradors............and what cuties they are!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Vroom vroom!

Well its another few days of "planes trains and automobiles"........a quick visit to Eastern Europe for the last Eagle hunt of the season......and the final few days shooting of my eagle book.
In this ghastly digital age I rarely get the chance to shoot BW film stock so this week was a true luxury with my lovely old Blad having a trip out.
This Sunday its Silverstone and the MotoGP, and next week its Scandinavia for the World Winners Dog Show, so it looks like my lovely shiny new VW is going to be very well travelled by then! At least it will get a chance to visit its homeland (Germany) again. I often have to remind myself how lucky I am that after 20 plus years of freelancing I am now in the situation where I can pick and choose which events and shows that I WANT to cover, rather than having to cover every less enjoyable event simply because an editor doesnt have any one else left to cover it! Being able to pick and choose my favourite events is definitely a luxury that many hard working freelances strive for, and I never forget how lucky I am that all the editors I work for are such a great bunch of people who over the years have sent me on some cracking assignments.
The other good news this week is that while I was away they finally managed to get rid of the last Nikon lens we are selling off....and it was undoubtedly the worse lens ive ever owned. We have had 3 of the Nikon 200-400 lenses in the last 10 years and not one of them has been any good, so I was thrilled to see the back of the last one this week, and whilst I have no interest whatsoever in kit, as long as it does what I require from it, I may even look forward to picking up the new 400mm prime before Silverstone if my back order comes in tomorrow as I have been promised.

Monday, 14 June 2010

is it me??..................

I sometimes begin to wonder! I was covering an event this week and had to leave my studio area for a few moments. On my return I found 2 people using my backdrop and lights to take their own photos. My initial instinct was to "errupt", but I kept my cool and politely explained to them why it was wrong, using the analagy of taking their own food into a resturant and wondering why the owner wasnt happy....but I could see it was going over their heads: they were clearly imbeciles!
Then I had a real classic at the weekend where i did a portrait session for a client and put it on a secure passworded online album for them. They rang me to tell me that another (so called pro) photographer had contacted them and said they were a great fan of their breed and had "heard" that they had had a portrait session with another photographer, and that they could do a better job for FREE if they could use it in their portfolio. Again Im reeling at the a)nerve and b) unprofessionality of anyone claiming to be a pro!!! Luckily my client is a loyal Farlap supporter of many many years and explained to the "photographer" that she was well out of order and would do well not to continue with her course of action!

I was lucky today to be able to photograph 13.5% of the total UK population of Silken Windhounds! A most attractive little sight hound, that I found to be of excellent temperament and character, and im sure will have a great future. Heres a couple of them enjoying the sands at North Devon

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

From cover to cover

After a scorching 4 days at Royal Bath and & West show, I was glad to get home to some cooler weather. Despite having 5 nights in the tent, it was an enjoyable trip, and certainly made some very nice new customers both in the cattle, sheep, pig and canine sections. I arrived home to find no less that 4 magazines had arrived in the post with "Farlap" images on the cover, so that was a good welcome home. The week has been busy with editing B&W images and sending out proofs as well as getting print orders to the printers and buying my new Veedub...... It seems to be busier than ever right now and Im hoping there will be a lull before I set off to the World Dog show shortly! Next week I have the exciting proposition of a commision, photographing a relatively new sight houndbreed to the UK (I believe there are only 10 in the country) and Im very much looking forward to it, and hope the weather is in our favour.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Opposites Attract!

Had a busy weekend at my very favourite kind of event....Hunt terrier & Lurcher Shows. Im in the very fortunate position of being able to choose NOT to take up the offers of working at the big championship shows, and undertake the ones I enjoy most!
This weekend I had two such hunt shows, and as always, the dogs were brilliant. These two really were a great duo and show that opposites attract!