Wednesday, 9 June 2010

From cover to cover

After a scorching 4 days at Royal Bath and & West show, I was glad to get home to some cooler weather. Despite having 5 nights in the tent, it was an enjoyable trip, and certainly made some very nice new customers both in the cattle, sheep, pig and canine sections. I arrived home to find no less that 4 magazines had arrived in the post with "Farlap" images on the cover, so that was a good welcome home. The week has been busy with editing B&W images and sending out proofs as well as getting print orders to the printers and buying my new Veedub...... It seems to be busier than ever right now and Im hoping there will be a lull before I set off to the World Dog show shortly! Next week I have the exciting proposition of a commision, photographing a relatively new sight houndbreed to the UK (I believe there are only 10 in the country) and Im very much looking forward to it, and hope the weather is in our favour.

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