Monday, 14 June 2010

is it me??..................

I sometimes begin to wonder! I was covering an event this week and had to leave my studio area for a few moments. On my return I found 2 people using my backdrop and lights to take their own photos. My initial instinct was to "errupt", but I kept my cool and politely explained to them why it was wrong, using the analagy of taking their own food into a resturant and wondering why the owner wasnt happy....but I could see it was going over their heads: they were clearly imbeciles!
Then I had a real classic at the weekend where i did a portrait session for a client and put it on a secure passworded online album for them. They rang me to tell me that another (so called pro) photographer had contacted them and said they were a great fan of their breed and had "heard" that they had had a portrait session with another photographer, and that they could do a better job for FREE if they could use it in their portfolio. Again Im reeling at the a)nerve and b) unprofessionality of anyone claiming to be a pro!!! Luckily my client is a loyal Farlap supporter of many many years and explained to the "photographer" that she was well out of order and would do well not to continue with her course of action!

I was lucky today to be able to photograph 13.5% of the total UK population of Silken Windhounds! A most attractive little sight hound, that I found to be of excellent temperament and character, and im sure will have a great future. Heres a couple of them enjoying the sands at North Devon

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  1. no its not you mate.....there are some total tw**s out there who treat us photographers like dirt and try and rip us off at every opportunity. Keep up the good work and I love the B&W from your hunting trip.