Saturday, 31 July 2010

Soldiering on

Todays show was a mammoth task, not because of its size or number of entries, but because I was struggling to even stand upright after 2 days without food and completely bed ridden. I can only hope that Im capable of managing tomorrows show in North Devon (which will be a large one) and then tackling 3 days of Paignton as well. Time will tell! These three were my favourites from todays show.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hounds galore!

This week has been "houndy" to say the least! A visit to two local hunt kennels to get some nice atmospheric images for a forthcoming calendar, followed by Dunster Hound show. Well done to our friends at the Dartvale & SP Hrriers on their excellent win in the championship!
In between I managed Minehead CS show, and today Ive been doing artwork for a leading hound kennels forthcoming advert. Tomorrow is a "non hound" day.....but still looks to be equally exciting with another of my favourite fieldsports for the calendar.

Monday, 26 July 2010

From the Game Fair, to "fair game"

A busy few days with editorial commissions at the CLA gamefair, and then a swift exit to Dorset for the Dorset County CS show, meant that I was rushed off my feet for a few days.
The CLA was as usual the most amazing event and the cooler weather made it much better for those of us trying to earn our living. A couple of editorial meetings there, went very well, and it was nice to confirm some new magazine deals, as well as catch up with old aquaintances.
Dorset show was well attended and although a trifle too hot for my liking, there were some lovely spots for the dogs to relax and pose for me.
In the past weve had numerous problems with the "weekend warriors" and wannabees who have no knowledge of the industry and its ethics,but its pretty unusual to get an attempt at poaching by someone whose been a pro for long enough to know better. (Perhaps "pro" should refer to their income status rather than their ethics status?)
It seems that there is no longer the amiable"honour amongst thieves" attitude shared by both editorial and event photographers and now its a question of "your clients are fair game", and "if I can steal your customers,Ill have a damned good try". What a sad situation. The only saving grace is that just because you are an ex press or wedding photographer it most certainly doesnt mean you can photograph would appear to be the case on this ocassion!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Arabian nights

.....well....Arabian weekend anyhow!! heres my favourite from the day.
The sun shone (and the wind blew) and this week we have 3 more horse commissions, and, with a bit of luck, will be lining up a great new talented photographer who Ive had my professional eye on for a few months now, to help out with the shooting and fieldsports side of the farlap business, as that is definitely the part of the business we'll be working hard on this forthcoming game season.

Friday, 16 July 2010

sunny days are here again

The rain managed to stay away (just) for todays photoshoot in Plymouth........this gorgeous babe was my favourite of the day. Now we just need the sun to stay out for Saturdays photo shoot and Sundays show!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

More rain!

Typically I took it for granted that summer was here and booked in 4 comissions this week for private dog owning clients, and ended up doing one in the studio but postponing the rest thanks to the horrid wet weather. How fed up does this chap look with the weather?!
Hoping it holds off for tomorrows photo shoot in Plymouth, and the weekends shows!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

dangerous work if you can get it!

I once threatened to name my business "I dont shoot weddings" as its my one and only hard fast rule, and I have no intention of relenting. Recently when negotiating my new insurance deal,I was questioned about any "dangerous" work that I do......I explained that "yes " I do....after all fieldsports can be risky to those involved. I wastold that if I was a wedding photographer Id have a low premium for camera loss as its considered a low risk genre.....perhaps I should let the insurers see this?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birthday Girl!

This old lady is celebrating a birthday, and her portrait has made a lovely present for someone .

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Feat of Endurance!

This weekend has been a bit of a marathon!
Saturday was the Tri level National Endurance testing for "bull" breeds, which I was covering for an overseas publication, and today was Boconnoc Endurance (horse) ride......well doneto everyone who took part.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Mooooove over darling................

yes its the livestock sale "season" again and once more Im delighted to be photographing herds and individual producers for my agricultural clients. (The private herds/flocks as well the auctioneers)
Today it was some moorland based holsteins for a forthcoming sale, and tomorrow its some rare breed sheep.
Talking of "sheepish", thats how someone ought to be feeling right now, after they thought it was clever to try and gatecrash one of my events recently.
Snapping (and I use the term figuratively in this case!) away over my shoulder....even trying to arrange their own set ups whilst Im there organising people......truly unbelievable and any credential they may have previously held with me as to their professionality is now well and truly out of the window! They know who they are....and more to the point so does their picture editor now! Mooooove over darling and leave the professional work to the pros!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ill take mine in cash please!

It seems utterly ridiculous that some fantastic art in the form of a photo by Mcullik can be "pooh-poohed" as "merely a photo" and not reach a decent auction reserve, and then you can get a load of utter crap like mr Saatchi is giving to "us", the Nation, and its worth millions! Well Ill have my share in cash please because I wouldnt give you tuppence for the so-called-art hes giving us!

After a long burn up on the Autobahn, I finally made it to the World Dog Show in Denmark where I was covering a rather unusual breed for a specialist publication, more on that soon.
I recently did some work for a Danish translation company who, it would appear, are not very good at paying for the excellent services they have received, so my trip to Denmark was doubly important as I used it to make sure that my fees would very soon be paid for. people really should be very careful when they think they can get away with non bill payment, as no matter who they are or where they are, I will come for my money!
Its been a long and tiring week with over 2,500 miles on the clock of my new T5, and its nice to have a few days respite before the horse events start in earnest this weekend.