Monday, 9 August 2010

How time flies.........

I cant believe its over a week since I updated the blog (thanks for reminding me Sarah!), but in my defence I have been so poorly and so busy that there havent been any spare moments to play catchup. I struggled through Paignton championship show with my bug that has laid me so low for nearly 2 weeks, and then had 3 hound shows in 3 days to contend with....two were work and one was play, but still demanding all my attention!
Today was the 2nd year in a row I have covered the AP Angling festival in plymouth, but the gloom, drizzle and mist that passes for August summer weather put paid to my boat trip and after a few hours off Rame Head,in Plymouth Sound, we all came back again, rather damp and cold!
An email from an editor this week, leaves me despairing, as they expected me to be thrilled at the offer of working for nothing, and getting a byline in their wonderful magazine....errr.....I dont think so!!! Im sure that there are some "wannabees" and weekend-warriors who would think of it as some sort of a priviledge to work at a major event for free and get a few of their images published inreturn, however for the remaining professionals amongst us, who have struggled up the ladder over many years and have to put food on the table (or in the bowls!), such an idea is not only abhorrent its completely insulting.
The week looks like continuing with its whirlwind of work......another Dairy herd comission tomorrow and then its "wagons roll" as I prepare to go to the MotoGP in Brno......a mere 1200mile drive..... Not normally the sort of job I would opt to take, as motorsport holds little interest to me, however it seemed like an interesting job, and it had the good fortune to tie in nicely with something else in the area at the same time, so couldnt resist the challenge!
The weekend finished nicely with this guy enjoying his photo session.

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