Monday, 25 October 2010

Bang Bang!

My first Retriever trial of the season went with a bang....its was the AV Novice Retriever trial, held at the glorious Colquite Estate, and organised by Cornwall Field Trial Society, and they must have ordered perfect weather for me, as it was a lovley frosty morning, and the dogs were just sparkling in the sunlight.
I think I have contacted most competetors to tell them their images are now up on the website, but one or two might have slipped through, so please have a look.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pay peanuts and get monkeys........

Pay NOTHING and you get the weekend warriors!!..............I recently heard the tale of how a national publication told a photographer that they couldnt afford to pay him for the series of jobs theyd done over the past year, but instead would let them have a full page ad in one of their publications......apart from the astounding nerve of offering such a "deal" it begs the question who would even consider agreeing to it....but it appears some amateurs are happy with it. more fool them. Until today i thought that was possibly the worst thing id come acoss, but that all changed today when someone told me about a new fieldsports magazine that was trying to get off the ground and was looking for contributors. A quick read of their T&C, told me that not only do they NOT PAY for any submissions (words or pix) but, quite unbelievably, they want copyright assigned to themas not only are they stealing your work, they are charging you money to do so......Im still reeling that anyone could possibly imagine that this is acceptable to even an amateur weekend people not understand the implications??
Oh well, my blood pressure was reduce d down again after reading all this, with a nice day out with the trail hounds........always a fantastic job and one of my favourites.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Runnin' dogs.........

...........are my favourites after the scent this week has been a pleasure to spend time photographing some lovely running dog customers! Next week is definitley "scent" hound week with several jobs revolving around 3 different scenting breeds........and then the week after that.....GUNDOGS GALORE as we start our serious shoot day photography season. We do have some weekdays still available this season if you are a driven shoot, or a rough shoot, and want us to attend. We are BASC trade members and offer some great discounts to BASC members as well.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

madder by the minute..........

work is getting madder by the minute....infact today was relatively calm, and I spent a lovely morning at the Amalek kennels (where my very 1st dog came from over 35 years ago!!) photographing their new champion and some up and coming youngsters, in their glorious Dartmoor edge setting. The peace didnt last long though, as once I got back to the office to edit the photos, I had no less than 6 messages on my machine, all needing me to photograph their dogs for the forthcoming yearbooks.....and as usual they all needed it done yesterday! Luckily I can get three of them done tomorrow at GW Championship Show. Just to add to the mayhem I have three editorial features "on the go" for fieldsports publications, and two commercial shoots next week for new clients. I have no idea why its all so busy right now.....Im just looking forward to the lull!

Monday, 11 October 2010

A Day off?????

I had my week carefully planned......despite last week all going awry with last minute jobs appearing, I had finally managed to catch up with myself at the weekend, and all the proofing was going so well today......the plan was to have a lovely day off on Wednesday and spend it with HWV friends. That all went out of the window when I had a last minute call to cover a major event, meaning that plans and hopes were all cancelled, and 2 days rest have now become 2 days of solid work. I mustnt complain, I know.....with the current climate and so many pro photographers struggling with the market, and the weekend warriors stealing our work, I know Im lucky to have so much work on right plan is to have some time off next week! Watch this space but dont hold your breath!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Small in size but BIG in character!

This weekend has been busy with Liskeard Open Dog show and a photoshoot for the 2013 calendars.....the show was also a great opportunity to distribute many of the 2011 calendars that featured exhibitors dogs, and certainly it created alot of interest for the next calendar shoot planned next week with over 15 dogs being booked in. This was my favourite from this weeks calendar shoot......what a sweetie!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

And they are off.........

Yup, after the long countdown, we are finally off to a cracking start of the 2010-2011 shooting season. I started the season in one of my alltime favourite locations of Caerhays Castle, at the CFTS (Cornwall Field Trial Society) Novice AV Spaniel Trial, and we all enjoyed stunning scenery, perfexct weather, and 1st class dog work. Photos from the day are now online at
The day was photographed for the usual sporting press publications, and tomorrow we are looking forward to good weather (hopefully!) at Sparkford.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

11, 12, 13................

Unbelievably, not only are the 2011 calendars out in the shops, but the 2012 ones are now having their final edit, and Im photographing for 2013! It doesnt seem possible that Im that far ahead, and this cute little pup from todays photoshoot will probably be a champion by the time his photo appears!