Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pay peanuts and get monkeys........

Pay NOTHING and you get the weekend warriors!!..............I recently heard the tale of how a national publication told a photographer that they couldnt afford to pay him for the series of jobs theyd done over the past year, but instead would let them have a full page ad in one of their publications......apart from the astounding nerve of offering such a "deal" it begs the question who would even consider agreeing to it....but it appears some amateurs are happy with it. more fool them. Until today i thought that was possibly the worst thing id come acoss, but that all changed today when someone told me about a new fieldsports magazine that was trying to get off the ground and was looking for contributors. A quick read of their T&C, told me that not only do they NOT PAY for any submissions (words or pix) but, quite unbelievably, they want copyright assigned to themas not only are they stealing your work, they are charging you money to do so......Im still reeling that anyone could possibly imagine that this is acceptable to even an amateur weekend people not understand the implications??
Oh well, my blood pressure was reduce d down again after reading all this, with a nice day out with the trail hounds........always a fantastic job and one of my favourites.

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