Monday, 29 November 2010

snow stops play

Sadly my day with the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers had to be posponed, as they were unable to get horses out safely on the day, due to the hard ground and impending snow forecast, and understandably decided to wait until a more photogenic day was possible. Neverthe less, time was not wasted and I took the opportinity to have a day out with one of my regular shooting clients, this time to a fantastic bit of forestry, and had an excellent and productive day with them instead.
Not all hunts were ice-bound and as you can see, I had a lovely day with the Lamerton Hunt this week, and their hounds were simply "flying"!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

its cold cold cold......

.....but I love it!
Coldness means winter- means fieldsports- so its my favourite time of year! This week I had a lovely day with a local pack of hounds (trailhunting), and in a day or two I am the other side of the Country with another pack.
I LOVE the winter.
The new "mud and snow" tyres arrived today, as legally required for the trip into the German Forest on a special commission about Wild Boar Hunting in December.......hoping I can get them onto my expenses form but I wont hold my breath!!
It must be getting near Christmas because Ive taken 4 orders for giant canvases today! One of them was from a lady who had been so disapointed with one shed bought from another photographer last year that it seemed timely to try and help people understand what makes a good lifelong canvas. So, to anyone contemplating one of our canvases.....a quality canvas is produced on a wooden frame, with adjustable stretchers in each corner so that the canvas can be adjusted at any time. You only have to look at the really cheapo ones on some of the consumer websites to see that there are some horrid ones about, with non adjustable stretcher bars and rigid corners, and it really must be disapointing after a few months to find your canvas is out of shape.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Highs (and Low) of freelancing

What a weird week......first I had the almost world precedent (ha ha) of an editor ringing me and asking me to increase my invoice!! yes its true....EPUKers take note.....there are still some great picture editors out there!!

Then I had a shoot job and the day before the job my assistant let me down, and was unable to come with me, leaving me quite a large shoot to cover single handed. not impossible but certainly not what I had planned, so that was quite a tense day, trying to be in 3 diferent places at once. The results were great though, and the host, the gamekeeper and 5 of the guns bought my luxury bespoke book that Iput together with over 100 photos of the entire shoot day.
That leads me onto my offer of a job for a freelance assistant who loves fieldsports, and is a competant photographer, to help me on some shoots across the westcountry this season, as it appears my usual assistant has legged it. Email me for more details, but please, only people who have a good knowledge of shooting procedure and are fieldsports savvy.
Now for the "low".......I was booked today for a commercial job in Exeter, the Art Director who organised it, set up the shoot, and emailed me all the details. I duly arrived at the job only to find that both the dog-model and his trainer were at leamington Spa, and NOT that WAS annoying, as I'd rescheduled 2 other jobs this week to fit in with this late booking.
The rest of the week looks like being rather busy with a couple of really exciting jobs taking place, as well as preparations starting for the big German job next month, but more on that later.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

you can run but you cant hide......

.........should have been the caption for this pheasant photo, taken recently for a gamekeeping publication, as the hen-bird was hiding in the rushes and didnt think I could see her. however its more appropriate as a heading for the emails that the office have been sending out this week to no less than EIGHT copyright thieves stealing images from our website. If they dont settle their bills promptly then the next message will be "see you in court"!!
I had to laugh when I heard a local self-appointed pro bragging how they had managed to steal a job from me turn one has to ask, just how professional is that sort of attitude? Downright unprofessional but so typical of the attitude of these newbies sadly. Anyhow the last laugh is on me as the job in question, I had already explained to the organiser that I was unable to do it and they actually asked me if they should ask the person in question to cover the event!!!
Maybe they should realise that the only jobs I relinquish are those that dont pay off or, as is more often the case, ones where I simply dont wish to do themany more as I dont enjoy them! Ah well, let their little simple minds imagine they have some sort of keeps them amused I guess!

Monday, 8 November 2010

you want it when??

Interesting weekend....just as I thought the yearbook photography was coming to an end, what with deadlines and all that......THREE BREEDERS booked me in for clearly there are still a few editors pulling their hair out over tight deadlines!
Then came a call from a very well known editor, who I have not had the pleasure of working with before, and he told me all about a new and exciting fieldsports publication that he is heading, and wanted me to supply the images....brilliant.....and when do you need them by?.... YESTERDAY!!...So nothing new there then! Meanwhile I did yet another autumn photoshoot, this weekend, with a lovely black pug.......what a face!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

License to steal

I see the Government are now considering ways to allow people to legally STEAL (thats what it is....theft!) images belonging to the rightful owners. Absolute disgrace. and I hope that the union to which I have belonged all my working life, the NUJ, will not allow this to happen. Sadly its a another example of why we are all turning into ghastly Americans :(((((
On a happier note I had a lovely calendar photo shoot in Tavistock today, and despite the rather dreary weather, the venue and the dogs were stunning! I think this one will make a great "Autumn" shot .

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bleating Obvious really!

Had a great job this week at one of Europes leading Australian Kelpie breeders kennels, and met her gorgeous litter of 8 week old puppies as well. It was great to see these Kelpies working, and their drive to work is quite remarkable, no wonder they need very special and understanding owners!

I recently purchased access to some excellent software that tracks down my images online, and if our records show that no permission has been gained to use the images online, an automatic message is sent to the hosting company, explaining the breach of copyright......and what an eye opener this has been.....shocking behaviour from many people who should know better!!! its not rocket science.....infact its obvious that if something says clearly"no publication permitted including internet use" then it means just that!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another trialling day

Another great day trialling in Cornwall, at Trewithen Estate, and as usual some geat shooting and some geat retriever work. ive really been lucky this week to have had some jobs that most people would pay to enjoy.....from foxhounds trailhunting, to retrievers retrieving, and a rarebreeds farm website/ publicity photoshoot in there as well.

My 2011 diary is rapidly filling up, and Im having to cut back on some of the events I attend this year as I simply dont have the time to do them all, especially if they are events where I have had less support than I would have liked from organisers, or where they werent as well attended as people had hoped. If you are organising your diary for next year and want to have everything written on a wall calendar, then why not buy one of these great Lamerton Hunt Calendars, packed full of great photos. Drop me a line and Ill send you the details of where you can get your hands on one!