Thursday, 4 November 2010

License to steal

I see the Government are now considering ways to allow people to legally STEAL (thats what it is....theft!) images belonging to the rightful owners. Absolute disgrace. and I hope that the union to which I have belonged all my working life, the NUJ, will not allow this to happen. Sadly its a another example of why we are all turning into ghastly Americans :(((((
On a happier note I had a lovely calendar photo shoot in Tavistock today, and despite the rather dreary weather, the venue and the dogs were stunning! I think this one will make a great "Autumn" shot .


  1. that is the most incredible photo of a wire I have ever seen. I hope it makes you a lot of money, its simply stunning. Can I ask who it is?

  2. what a crackin photo miss farlap