Monday, 29 November 2010

snow stops play

Sadly my day with the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers had to be posponed, as they were unable to get horses out safely on the day, due to the hard ground and impending snow forecast, and understandably decided to wait until a more photogenic day was possible. Neverthe less, time was not wasted and I took the opportinity to have a day out with one of my regular shooting clients, this time to a fantastic bit of forestry, and had an excellent and productive day with them instead.
Not all hunts were ice-bound and as you can see, I had a lovely day with the Lamerton Hunt this week, and their hounds were simply "flying"!!


  1. please can you forward available dates when you can come to us in Somerset for a days hunting photography. We are desperate for you to have a day with us!!! The photos are just stunning.

  2. hI sIMON EMAIL ME on and we can sort something out :)