Sunday, 14 November 2010

you can run but you cant hide......

.........should have been the caption for this pheasant photo, taken recently for a gamekeeping publication, as the hen-bird was hiding in the rushes and didnt think I could see her. however its more appropriate as a heading for the emails that the office have been sending out this week to no less than EIGHT copyright thieves stealing images from our website. If they dont settle their bills promptly then the next message will be "see you in court"!!
I had to laugh when I heard a local self-appointed pro bragging how they had managed to steal a job from me turn one has to ask, just how professional is that sort of attitude? Downright unprofessional but so typical of the attitude of these newbies sadly. Anyhow the last laugh is on me as the job in question, I had already explained to the organiser that I was unable to do it and they actually asked me if they should ask the person in question to cover the event!!!
Maybe they should realise that the only jobs I relinquish are those that dont pay off or, as is more often the case, ones where I simply dont wish to do themany more as I dont enjoy them! Ah well, let their little simple minds imagine they have some sort of keeps them amused I guess!

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