Friday, 3 December 2010

so what are you?

This was the question posed today when someone rang up and asked me "Are you a Devon pet photographer".....
"Not exactly" I replied!!
Somehow the idea of being labelled "pet photographer" seems somewhat cheesy and kind of like the pet equivalent of a childrens portrait photographer. Now the latter is a very skilled job and one I would hate to have do for my living, as Im not a huge fan of the small people....despite once being one all hats off to those folk who do it well, but I really dislike the idea of a label as I am many things, in many hats. Most of my work is editorial for publications, however I do also do a lot of portrait work with maybe its the word "pet" thats the problem for me? The thing is, the animals I work with are far more than just pets. Most of them are working animals in one way or another, be it gun dogs, hunting hounds, event horses, prime breeding cattle, endurance arab horses, exhibition poultry, sled dogs....the list is endless. For example this week I have been comissioned to photograph pedigree holstein cattle, a hound for his stud advert, 2 lurcher puppies for a proud (and yes a pet!) owner, and 2 horses for a producer.
Anyway the phone call all ended well as the lady in question was looking for a professional photographer in Devon, with endless experience of photographing dogs (pet ot otherwise), to undertake a private commision for her new "best friend" aged 8 weeks. That would be me....and Im looking forward to meeting "Buddy" next week.

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