Friday, 28 January 2011

A bit older....a bit wiser

I had a student here recently who although a keen photography student, didnt really appear to have any interest in my specialist subjects, so I didnt feel that I wanted to invite them back for further paid summer work. Then I was catching up with some bookings this week, as I noticed one of my equine jobs hadnt sent a booking form back to me......imagine my (surprise/horror/disgust/outrage.... choose most appropriate word) to find that when they had rung the office to confirm the dates....a certain student had said they could do the job for them instead. I only found out about this by pure chance, and once the client understood the situation they were absolutely disgusted with the person in question. I dont think that person wil be getting too much work in my subject matter for some time!
It has certainly made me much more cautious about taking n students for work experience and it makes me wonder what kind of ethics (if any?) they are teaching these kids?
This springtime I will be looking for all types/breeds of horses and ponies to appear in a range of horse calendars. The horses need to have access to, and be able to free run in, a large level paddock without tack or rider.
If you think your horse or pony would like to take part, please drop me a line and Ill give you all the information.
My favourite published work this week is the cover of the Countrymans Weekly.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Imitation.....flattery and all that.......

geez.....I know its meant to be the best kind of flattery but I really do find it wearing when people are competely unable to think forthemselves and just find it easier to copy everything I do! Do people not have any ability to think for themselves these days???

Taking Stock of it all

January is usually a really busy month for me, with the shooting season drawing to a close, suddenly everyone remembers to ask me to come on their shoot for the day! This season has been fully booked from an early stage so there hasnt been any room for last minute bookings, sorry!
It's also traditionally the month I make a big effort to deal with my stock image library.
Being represented by several libraries world wide, means Im constantly having to update image sets and stock agreements, as well as get new pictures to them at ever for those who dont see me for a few weeks and think I hibernate in the winter.....believe me.... I dont!!
My favourite published image this week is this one of a lab and a pigeon in Shooting Gazette February 2011 issue.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A new currency

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I had a lovely full trolley of all the things I could want, but when I went to pay for it I was greeted with a confused girl on the till, who didnt understand what I was trying to do. I tried to explain to ther that "by lines" are an acceptable currency and that by giving her these "by lines" her shop would then receive untold amounts of publicity and have hoards of people flocking to her shop to do their shopping....although admitedly they might also want to pay her in by lines as well. Despite all my best efforts to persuade her that "bylines" are a great way to pay your bills, she just didnt want to listen, and as the security guards dragged me screaming from the store, I was left in a very confused state.
SURELY "by lines" must be an acceptable currency in the UK? I have had at least three magazines phone me this week alone and offer to pay me in this lucrative currency.

So please......if you are thinking of phoning me up and offering to pay me with a "byline".....

Meanwhile the Point to Point season is getting underway and I look forward to meeting up with clients old and new, at the events where I am the "point to point photographer"

Friday, 14 January 2011

Here we go year and new challenges.

New Year has once again brought with it New Challenges. The first of 2011 was another commission in Germany, this time in the town of Bad Camburg, Rheinland, where I was attending a VIP hunting party, with some Royals thrown in for good measure....what a trip!!
Images will be available on line after publication in afew months time.
This week has also been varied with an organic beef unit feature for Farmers Guardian, a bit in the Sunday Telegraph on hunting and an interview with a major new client, where I had the pleasant surprise in this digital, online age, of being asked to "show your book". How refreshing was that!? seems thare are STILL art directors out there who want to see books....hurray!!!!!