Saturday, 22 January 2011

A new currency

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I had a lovely full trolley of all the things I could want, but when I went to pay for it I was greeted with a confused girl on the till, who didnt understand what I was trying to do. I tried to explain to ther that "by lines" are an acceptable currency and that by giving her these "by lines" her shop would then receive untold amounts of publicity and have hoards of people flocking to her shop to do their shopping....although admitedly they might also want to pay her in by lines as well. Despite all my best efforts to persuade her that "bylines" are a great way to pay your bills, she just didnt want to listen, and as the security guards dragged me screaming from the store, I was left in a very confused state.
SURELY "by lines" must be an acceptable currency in the UK? I have had at least three magazines phone me this week alone and offer to pay me in this lucrative currency.

So please......if you are thinking of phoning me up and offering to pay me with a "byline".....

Meanwhile the Point to Point season is getting underway and I look forward to meeting up with clients old and new, at the events where I am the "point to point photographer"

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  1. priceless mate, wish i had written it...its so true....i get so pissed with these editors taking it for granted we are all amateurs with an ego to get our pictures published for no fee.....editorial hotography is so dead now. its a shame.