Friday, 22 April 2011

A to Z

what a marathon week Ive had editing calendar images. This year I decided to save them all up til the last moment and edit and keyword them all in one batch. It saved time but has given me a very stiff neck!! Last year we had lurchers and Jack russells as the numerically top breeds however this year there has a been a turn around in the breeds and pugs and staffies come out on top closely followed by whippets , cows and malamutes!
Another busy few days beckons with shows to cover, and next week im interviewing assistants again (yawn)....lets hope this time they dont turn up with ghastly metal work stuck in them and tatoos goodness knows where!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Clear and present danger

Apart from the odd near miss with an over zealous horse/cow/ram/dog (all have had a go at me at some point!) my life these days as a photographer doesnt carry too much danger......gone are the days of having to go into riots or armed police situations, and I rarely miss the adrenalin, much prefering the quieter life these days. however I have a number of colleagues and friends who still have to get out there and feel the buzz of the danger....and therefore its with enormous sadness that I heard today that dear Tim (Hetherington) had been killed covering the unrest in Libya. A sad sad day for all of photography and news gathering professionals.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Enduring weekend!

The weekend was one of mammoth endurance......two dog shows, an Endurance GB ride and a hunt ball!!!
Thankfully we have Sami working for us this weekend and everything went smoothly.

Someone once said to me "Everyones a photographer these days" and they werent wrong!
The "Weekend warriors" and the "Sunday snappers" seem to be getting worse and worse.....are they trying to supplement an otherwise meagre salary? Are they trying to get off on some ego trip that makes them think a big lens and people asking to see their snaps is somehow making them more important? I really dont know the answer....but I do know they are a damned nuisance! I even came across one recently who offered people the wonderful opportunity to put a piece of photo paper in their own printer and download/print the image themselves.......I think that has to be truly one of the worst things Ive ever come across in the world of the "weekend warrior" so far......infact Im still reeling at the idea!!!
Funny though, that when you mention "public liabiltiy insurance" or "paying tax" how they seem to melt away. I think organisers of events and secretaries of clubs are now getting more wise to it. maybe they are finally realising the financial implications to those reliable, insured and regular photographers that turn up week after week to support their events? Or maybe they are just realising the financial and legal implictions of an uninsured photographer working at their event, (even if the said photographer claims just to be doing it as their hobby!) and how it could all go so horrible wrong should a claim be made against them. Certainly a factor that needs consideration at horse events! So in the vain hope that WEW and SS are on the wane.......all we now need to do is weed out the unethical photographers who enter the profession, clueless and unaware of protocol. or maybe that really was a pig I saw go flying by?!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Flying Start

Gundog Test season has got off to a flying start once again and we really look forward to seeing old and new friends over the summer season.
We are also looking forward to having a "guest star" this summer working with us at many shows and events......more on that later!
A few years ago I won an award for "UK Sports Photographer of the Year" whilst I was pretty chuffed at the achievement, it hasnt given me the false illusion that im going to be the next Cameron Stockly, or head the Getty team for the Olympic Coverage bid..........therefore it completely amazes me that someone winning a "pet photographer" competition would consider thm selves suitable for offering coverage to major dog shows.......especially when they dont even appear to have a single dog on their predominantly "weddings" website. there sure are some over ambitious folk out there!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Hotting Up!

The warm weather this week has meant that its been a bit too hot for successful trail hunting so thats not been a big success, however there is still one day left this season so fingers crossed for a great day.
Meanwhile we have had a couple of good calendar shoot days.
The last day for getting calendar photos will be April 14th and Im planning a day near Plymouth for dogs of all breeds to come along and get their photos taken for the calendars. If you think your dog would like to be on one of a range of International breed calendars and you can get to the photo shoot day, on April 14th then please let me know and Ill give you the location info etc. So far we have malamutes, GSP, Springers and labradors booked in.......all breeds welcomed and we cant wait to hear from you and meet your dog.

Monday, 4 April 2011


A busy busy weekend with two dog shows to cover and a short calendar photo shoot.....this little Pekinese puppy was my sweet!!
Today has been spend on some serious editing as the calendar deadlines are rapidly looming and what had seemed a simple task has now turned into an editing marathon of over 200 images.
Had to laugh earlier as I was alongside another "pro".....I though his shutter button must be malfunctioning as he took a blast of several hundred frames on the one short job.........then I twigged he was the classic weekend warrior who thinks if you press the shutter and hold it down...... shoot of a couple of hundred frames then there a good chance something will come out right. Another reason to hate digital I one seems prepared to put in the effort and "learn".
Infact there have been several laughs this weekend and none more so than when the usual troublemakers/suspects tried their damndest to cause trouble ......and it ended up back firing and getting egg all over their funny little contorted faces......oh how we laughed at that one. It never fails to amaze me the things people will try to say to squirm out of a situation....and the over the shoulder comments that obviously make small people feel big and brave, will usually come back to haunt them!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

What a send off!

A fantastic day was had this week with the DVSPH, who were giving Gilmore his testimonial meet. It was poignant for me as I can recall going to powderham with Gilmore when I was a small child, and hunting hares with the Harrier pack.....and hes been there 37 years, with his family behind him and his beloved hounds. What an inspiring man.

I noticed that also present was number one all round miserable "im a professional photographer so give me XYZ /dont you know who I am?"
Yes we all know who you are and having had 2 encounters with you with jobs in this week alone, you are still a rude and arrogant git and I know how much you hate the fact Ive been in the business longer than you.....just get over it and try SMILING for change!!