Monday, 4 April 2011


A busy busy weekend with two dog shows to cover and a short calendar photo shoot.....this little Pekinese puppy was my sweet!!
Today has been spend on some serious editing as the calendar deadlines are rapidly looming and what had seemed a simple task has now turned into an editing marathon of over 200 images.
Had to laugh earlier as I was alongside another "pro".....I though his shutter button must be malfunctioning as he took a blast of several hundred frames on the one short job.........then I twigged he was the classic weekend warrior who thinks if you press the shutter and hold it down...... shoot of a couple of hundred frames then there a good chance something will come out right. Another reason to hate digital I one seems prepared to put in the effort and "learn".
Infact there have been several laughs this weekend and none more so than when the usual troublemakers/suspects tried their damndest to cause trouble ......and it ended up back firing and getting egg all over their funny little contorted faces......oh how we laughed at that one. It never fails to amaze me the things people will try to say to squirm out of a situation....and the over the shoulder comments that obviously make small people feel big and brave, will usually come back to haunt them!

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