Saturday, 2 April 2011

What a send off!

A fantastic day was had this week with the DVSPH, who were giving Gilmore his testimonial meet. It was poignant for me as I can recall going to powderham with Gilmore when I was a small child, and hunting hares with the Harrier pack.....and hes been there 37 years, with his family behind him and his beloved hounds. What an inspiring man.

I noticed that also present was number one all round miserable "im a professional photographer so give me XYZ /dont you know who I am?"
Yes we all know who you are and having had 2 encounters with you with jobs in this week alone, you are still a rude and arrogant git and I know how much you hate the fact Ive been in the business longer than you.....just get over it and try SMILING for change!!

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