Thursday, 26 May 2011

Everyone catered for at Farlap!

Although the bulk of our work involves some of the top dogs, horses, and livestock in the UK, we also delight in covering events for those less well known but equally important canine companions known as "crossbreeds". Therefore once again we are pleased to be the photographer at two of the official Kennel Club Charitable trust SCRUFFTS dog shows being held this year. The first one is being held in conjunction with Royal Bath and West show in June and the second one will be held at Gables Farm dogs home in July. Information on heats is available at We look forward to meeting you and your dogs at these fun dog shows.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I thought Id seen it all.......till now!

Today I was tipped off by a colleague who had had a problem with a "weekend warrior" at one of her regular shows, and she showed me the WW's website....well I use the term "photographer" in a loose sense as they only seem to have about 5 images and all of their own horses .... what they were advertising was completely unbelievable. They are actually advertising a service where they will go along to events and competitions and photograph "their" clients horses, even though there are official event photographers on site. I was astounded. Its possibley the lowest depth Ive seen the "weekend warriors" sink to so far. I cant imagine how id react if i were the contracted photographer at an event and this shower turned up ringside......but Id not be taking it lightly. One has to ask if these people even have the basic public liability insurance that any pro would have, let alone indemnity etc. Knowing how much investment goes into setting up a mobile equine photography business, and the staffing etc that is required and the small profit margins worked to, then this person is very likely to find herself getting in very very deep water soon if she turns up at most equine events events. We wont even go into the possibilitlies if she starts photographing dog events!
Three busy days at Devon County show, have left me shattered. As well as being the canine section photographer, I was involved with the BASC area of the show and had a small exhibition of prints and books there as part of their ongoing SW project and then I also had the cattle clients to see to so all in all it was totally exhausting.

Monday, 16 May 2011

You be the judge!

This last couple of weeks have brought in some interesting work, from a "Help For Heroes" charity clay shoot, to a sheep sale.......oh and also a day following around the judges for a national Beef Farmer award, photographing the finalists for an editorial in Farmers Guardian.
Inbetween hot footing it about the South West ive had a concentrated week of invoicing copyright thieves who seem to think that they can scan their prints and put them on facebook/their websites/ their walls. An interesting email arrived this week asking me to be a co judge on a national those who follow the blog will know about by obsession with competition terms, and "grab rights" so you will be relieved to know that this is a great non grabbing competition with fair terms. More on that later once the details are announced publically.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

over the Border!

Bit of a "border" week this week with several clients wanting border terrier images for calendars, greetings cards and dog food promotions.
Then after Borders its connection atall other than I had to go "over the border" and Ive spent a couple of days visiting Cornish clients farms, meeting their bulls and photographing their stock for the forthcoming showing season and stud cards.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Run Rabbit, Run!

Well it was a very long weekend, whether you were enjoying the bank holiday at your leisure, or , like me, working pretty hard on a 2 day show! However it was my very favourite type of show with 2 mornings of lurcher and whippet lure coursing and hurdling and racing, with the showing in the afternoons so I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the relaxing atmosphere of some gorgeous hounds.
Photos are now up on the website for the prize winners to view. I photographed over 100 dogs over the 2 days so to make it easier for you all to find your images they have been split into 3 seperate albums.
I was really concerned yesterday to have two seperate reports from people who had been at a lurcher show the weekend before where they had been told by the photographer that they were working for Farlap. let me assure all my regular clients, that I was NOT covering any lurcher shows over the Easter weekend, and I will be making enquiries into the identity of this photographer and taking suitable action to remedy the situation.