Monday, 2 May 2011

Run Rabbit, Run!

Well it was a very long weekend, whether you were enjoying the bank holiday at your leisure, or , like me, working pretty hard on a 2 day show! However it was my very favourite type of show with 2 mornings of lurcher and whippet lure coursing and hurdling and racing, with the showing in the afternoons so I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the relaxing atmosphere of some gorgeous hounds.
Photos are now up on the website for the prize winners to view. I photographed over 100 dogs over the 2 days so to make it easier for you all to find your images they have been split into 3 seperate albums.
I was really concerned yesterday to have two seperate reports from people who had been at a lurcher show the weekend before where they had been told by the photographer that they were working for Farlap. let me assure all my regular clients, that I was NOT covering any lurcher shows over the Easter weekend, and I will be making enquiries into the identity of this photographer and taking suitable action to remedy the situation.

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