Saturday, 18 June 2011

The nerve of some is unbelievable.......

its been a weekend of two a VIP client and her rather well known kennel of gundogs, and tomorrow a country fair with lots of lovely terriers!

An interesting development when our internet image search software picked up on a dog show who were using a photo on their website, which was taken by FARLAP photography, and which was tken at an unrelated event. yet they are flaunting the photo on their website as if it represented THEIR show.....and worse still it is being used without permission or payment, and not even a byline. After an email explaining politely that they were not allowed to use the photo, the web builder had the utmost NERVE to write back asking ME to explain how HE got hold of the this point I was ready to doubt the saga will continue, but they will be receiving an invoice shortly for the use of the image!

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